Your perfect body – get it right from the beginning

Marc Megna doing triceps workout
Perfect body – Marc Megna

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur obsession with appearance and body image seems to be stronger than ever. Whether it’s bigger biceps and pecs or a six pack, we are all in pursuit of the perfect body. Establishing a few rules of thumb would ensure a smooth ride to your perfect body.

We are bombarded by images of guys with chiselled bodies, the all over tan and wearing big specs for effect, not because they need them. They are everywhere – magazines, websites, TV. Even on reality TV shows there is always a guy with a perfect body who is too sexy for his shirt.

[pull_quote_center]Wanting a perfect body is one thing but achieving it, is a whole different story.[/pull_quote_center]

It requires a balanced healthy diet, a plan to encourage regular exercise, motivation and discipline. You need to commit to it and put in the hard work. Once you have your perfect body, you will need to keep working on it in order to keep it perfect.

Here are a few things you need to get right from the beginning:


Your success will be measured by the targets you set yourself. Protect yourself from failure by setting realistic and achievable goals.

There is little point in expecting to gain a stone of solid muscles or 10 inches bigger biceps in the first week. Results like that come with time.

Gaining a pound a week is both healthy and realistic.
You should commit to at least 12 weeks to give your body time to adjust and for you to notice any results.


You won’t get any bigger if you don’t eat. It’s a given. Pizza, burgers and chips won’t do it, though. Your muscles need protein to grow. 1.8g of protein per pound of body weight (per day) is about what is needed. You will be burning more energy when working out too.

Make sure you consume enough carbohydrates to provide the energy you need.
Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.


You need to workout your muscles in order for them to grow. The exercise will put your muscles under strain and will damage the muscle tissue. It’s during the repair process that your muscles grow. Allowing plenty of time for recovery after each session is vital for your muscle growth.

Lift heavier weights with low number of repetitions to build your muscle mass.
Do higher number of repetitions with lighter weights to define your muscles.


In order to see any results and benefits from your new regime, you need to commit to it for at least 12 weeks. During that period you will go through a whole range of emotions: anticipation, excitement, boredom and at some point – lack of motivation.

Workout as hard as you possibly can but don’t forget that you need to rest and recover.
Allow yourself one day in the week when you can eat anything you like.
Jump on the scales and measure your progress only once a week.

You may get more noticeable results in the first few weeks and then feel like you aren’t making progress. That’s not true. You are getting results all the time and you should stick to your plan.


Congratulations for staying true to your goals and achieving your perfect body. Don’t stop now though. Keep working out and eating right. You know what they say:

“It’s easy to get the top. The trick is to maintain your place there.”

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[quote_box_center]Have I missed anything? Share your tips on achieving a perfect body.

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