Workout at home in three easy steps

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Workout at home in three easy steps

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]orkout at home is by no means a new concept. It’s been around for longer than most gyms and it’s gaining popularity faster than you can say Skinny Muscles. The beauty of it is that there is no need for expensive equipment, fancy outfits and transport to get you there. Let me show you how to workout at home in three easy steps.

Long gone are the days when working out required an expensive gym membership, a personal trainer, fancy outfits and other expensive gear. Today is all about achieving results and hitting targets; Fast! It also seems that convenience, practicality and costs are important decision factors when it comes to working out, making the workout at home concept more appealing than ever.

I have nothing against gyms and working out with a personal trainer. In fact that’s a really good way to stay focussed on your goals and be motivated to workout. Especially if you (like me) are one of these people who need constant encouragement, pushing and steering in the right direction. The downside is that you have to pay for this pleasure. You also have to find the time and make an effort to get there which, depending on the location of the gym, could make your workout twice as long.

If you workout at home, you don’t have to make that extra effort to dress up and get there. All you need is half an hour or an hour and a bit of space to complete your routine. You could even exercise in your loungewear if you wanted to and nobody will judge you.


Before you even start searching for a “workout at home routine”, you need to be honest with yourself and evaluate your goals, lifestyle and abilities. This is a very important step and if you get it right, you are set to achieve all your goals. Get it wrong and you risk wasting your time and being put off working out for a long time.

Be realistic and take into account how much time you can dedicate to working out, including how much time every day, how many days per week and for how long. It would be unrealistic to expect a perfect body in a month in which you only workout once a week.


The next step is to choose a workout routine that incorporates your goals and fits in with your lifestyle and timeframe. There is an abundance of home workout programmes and routines out there. Which workout programme you go for depends on your individual requirements, which should be determined by Step 1 above.

A simple Internet search for a workout at home programme with your requirements should point you in the right direction. You could of course consider programmes such as P90X and Insanity Workout which are 90 and 60 days long home workout programmes but they aren’t free.

If you are not ready to part with any money, consider some free alternatives. Scooby’s Workshop is packed full of articles and videos about working out. The information is divided into categories to suit most goals and he has a great facebook page where you could connect with others.


It’s time to break a sweat. You need to workout hard and push yourself every time for as long as it takes to complete your chosen workout at home programme. Before you start you need to take your “before” picture. Don’t make it a habit to measure and weigh yourself every two minutes though. Results don’t happen overnight. By all means, monitor your performance but try to do it once a week rather than every day.

It’s natural to have good as well as bad days. Don’t let tiredness and lack of visible change get to you. The Internet and the social media websites are full of gym motivation. Make use of them when you are feeling down.

[quote_box_center]Now is your turn. Set your goals, find a workout at home programme and make it happen. Don’t forget to share your progress and achievements on our facebook page @SkinnyMuscles.[/quote_box_center]

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