Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) by The Protein Works – product review

Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) by The Protein Works
Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) by The Protein Works

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ating right is just as important as exercising for muscle growth. Ideally you should have 5-6 small meals a day to provide you with the right level of nutrition. The easiest way to get some of these nutrients is from a protein supplement in the form of a shake. Here’s my review of Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) by The Protein Works.

The Protein Works is one of the newest brands on the market. They are an original and innovative sports nutrition brand and aim to provide the highest quality possible at affordable prices. They also put a lot of effort to make sure they meet their customers’ expectations. They also value and encourage feedback (good and bad) from their customers.

Here’s my review of the Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) by The Protein Works.


When it comes to protein shakes and supplements, taste is always the deal breaker for me. Why? Because that’s what we really pay for at the checkout. We know what’s inside and we know all about the blends, the concentration and everything else that goes into making the product but we don’t want to taste that. We want to taste something that we like and can look forward to drinking every day.

Let me tell you – Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) tastes good. Really good. I have used the Lemon Shortcake flavour and every sip from my blender dispenser feels like a bite from the real thing. It’s really good and the balance is just right for my pallet.

The Whey protein 80 (concentrate) comes in variety of flavours and they all sound really appetising: Apple Cinnamon Swirl, Banoffee Pie, Caramel Macchiato and quite a few others.

They also offer sample packs. It’s a great way of tasting the product before you decide which flavour is right for you. Each sample pack contains 5 different flavours.

Top tip: If you are going away and must take your protein powder with you, then buy sample packs. They take a lot less space than the full-size bags and you don’t have to worry about them spilling powder all over your stuff.


The list of ingredients is what you expect to find in a good quality protein powder. Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) also contains Aminogene – the patented enzyme system.

Without turning this review into a chemistry lesson, that new enzyme system helps your body absorb even more free amino acids locked in the product. “This in turn helps build lean muscle, increase lean body mass, decrease body fat and support vital body functions.”

The Protein Works use the best ingredients that they can get and you won’t find any fillers or thickeners in Whey Protein 80 (concentrate). In other words – you get a “totally pure product”.

The product is also randomly tested by HFL for banned substances. HFL Sport Science is an internationally recognised and accredited laboratory providing high quality testing for athlete healthcare and nutritional supplements. That’s extra peace of mind for you as the consumer.


  • Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) tastes great and mixes really well. It takes just a couple of minutes (if that) to mix into a lump-free smooth drink. If you like your shakes thick, then you need to add less than the recommended amount of water/milk.
  • The product is good value for money and its price is very close to that of other similar products on the market. I have the 500g bag which costs £10.99 or £0.55 per serving.
  • If saving money is on top of your list (and who can blame you), you can select bigger bags at the checkout. They offer 1kg for £17.99 (£0.45 per serving); 2kg for £28.99 (£0.36 per serving) and 4kg for £51.99 (£0.32 per serving). These prices are correct at the time of publication (February 2014).
  • There is a scoop in each bag so you don’t have to worry about mixing the right amount. That may seem like a small thing but having the right measuring unit saves a lot of time (and frustration).
  • The bag itself is just the right size for the product inside. It’s easy to manage and store. The seal is also very durable and capable of holding your powder in the bag for as long as it lasts.
  • Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) consists of high quality ingredients and its nutritious values are as good as any of its competitors. It provides 19.7g of protein and 100 calories per serving.

The bottom line is that Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) is as good as any of its competitors, offers good value for money, tastes amazing and I am happy to recommend it.

[quote_box_center]Please note that I was sent this product for free by the manufacturer.[/quote_box_center]

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