What’s in my gym bag (skinny guy and gym beginner)

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What’s in my gym bag?

Ever since I shared the above picture with you, I’ve been getting messages asking me about the contents of my gym bag. We all have different gym routines and lifestyles, and that’s reflected in the stuff we take with us.

“You don’t need to spend a fortune on designer gym gear. Go for comfort and practicality instead.”

For all of you who ask, here’s what’s in my gym bag:


My gym bag is Converse All Star standard duffle bag which you can find on ASOS for £25. It’s big enough to hold all of my stuff and it’s easy to carry. It’s also very light and small enough to fit in my locker.

I’ve had it for five months or so and it’s still not showing any wear and tear.


It’s very important to have a nice comfortable pair of trainers for the gym. I wish I’d taken more consideration when I was buying mine. The ones I have are Slazenger Venture Mens Running Shoes. I got them from SPORTSDIRECT for £13 and yes – they are horrible. They are very stiff, uncomfortable and chunky. I struggle to get my feet into the straps on the rowing machine and the stationery bike.

On the plus side – they are quite breathable and don’t smell 🙂


I always have a pair of clean trainer socks to change into before I put on my trainers. You need to take care of your feet and keep them dry.


I prefer to workout in shorts rather than jogging bottoms. My shorts are 100% cotton and they are very comfortable and breathable. There’s no branding on them and I am not sure how much they cost (I got them in France).


Again, I prefer to workout in a T-Shirt rather than a long sleeve top as it makes me less sweaty. My T-Shirts are 100% cotton and I have a few of them as I only use them once before I wash them.

Don’t workout in expensive T-Shirts as they get ruined quite quickly. Better to have a few cheap ones which you can throw away than an expensive one, which looks really distressed and unattractive. I’ve ruined a couple of designer T-Shirts like that.


I find it much easier to carry a water bottle with me as it allows me to have a drink whilst exercising (mostly when doing cardio). You can get away without a water bottle as most gyms have water coolers.


You are expected to sweat at the gym but nobody likes smelly people. A good antiperspirant does the job for me. I use Terre D’Hermes deodorant stick. It’s small but it lasts for ages and smells amazing.


I always carry two towels in my gym bag. I use one of them to lay on the gym equipment before I use it and I use the other one to dry myself after I shower.

[quote_box_center]Now you know what’s in my gym bag. That’s what works for me and that’s what I take with me to the gym. I’ve seen guys who carry much more stuff and others who carry much less.[/quote_box_center]

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