Warm up routine before a workout

Warm up routine
Warm up routine before a workout

Warming up the muscles is an important part of the workout. Spending a few minutes to warm up would improve your performance, protect you from injuries and make your muscles more flexible. Find out about the benefits from a warm up routine.

Spending a few minutes doing a warm up routine could be quite beneficial to your workout. The purpose of a warm up routine is to prepare your body, both mentally and physically, for the following workout session.

A few minutes of warming up before a workout session increases the blood flow to the muscles that are going to be worked out. That reduces muscle stiffness, risk of injury, and improves performance.

Benefits of a warm up routine

The clue is in the title: it’s designed to warm us up. Engaging the muscles in a warm up triggers a whole range of reactions beneficial to the whole body. It improves blood circulation and increases blood temperature.

As a result, muscle temperature also increases. That makes them more flexible and therefore reduces the risk of injury during the workout session.

Increased blood temperature could improve endurance and performance due to more oxygen being delivered to the working muscles.

Easy warm up routines

There are many general and specific exercises that could be used to warm up before a workout session. The only “rule” is to choose an exercise targeting the muscles that are going to be worked out. So for example, a set of squats is more suited to warm up the legs’ muscles rather than the arms or upper body.

General warm up

A proper workout should start with a proper general warm up routine. Doing squads, jumps, star jumps, press ups and sit ups will improve the blood flow; increase blood and muscle temperature. That will improve muscle contraction and relaxation.

Specific warm up

The specific warm ups are performed to engage specific muscles (muscle groups) and prepare them for the demands of the workout. The best and most effective specific warm up is to do a few sets with light weights of whatever lift or routine your workout starts. So for example, if you are doing a biceps workout starting with biceps curls, do a few sets with light weights as your specific warm up routine.

The warm up routine is not a workout. Experiment with various exercises and sets to find what works best for you. Don’t forget to share your warm up routines on our facebook page – facebook.com/SkinnyMuscles.

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