True Whey by Myprotein – product review

True Whey by Myprotein – product review
True Whey by Myprotein – product review

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y facebook timeline is like the Who’s Who of protein manufacturers. There is barely a time when I check it without seeing a picture of someone’s favourite protein brand. That prompted me to review the whey protein I am most happy with – True Whey by Myprotein.

The reason I chose True Whey by Myprotein was because they didn’t have flashy adverts. I wanted to try a brand that invests more in developing their products than it does on marketing campaigns and endorsements.

I wasn’t sure what to expect though. In fact I was expecting it to taste horrible, but did it? Here’s my genuine and honest review of True Whey by Myprotein. I just like to point out that I was not paid nor was I endorsed by Myprotein to write this review.

Whenever I am buying whey protein, I base my decision on price, taste and results. Let’s see how True Whey measures up.


I paid £39.99 for a 5lb pouch. It contains 90 servings which makes it extremely good value for money – about £0.44. They recommend 3 servings a day which makes that 1 pouch last a month.


Myprotein don’t do restaurants but if they did, True Whey would be a Michelin star dish. I know that this is a bold statement but it is true. It’s by far the best tasting whey protein that I’ve tried.

Most brands claim that their whey protein tastes just like a milkshake and I always take such claims with a pinch of salt. True Whey, however, really does taste like a milkshake and it doesn’t leave that medicine-like lingering after-taste. It mixes well, it doesn’t foam and it doesn’t leave you bloated.


The results depend on the individual. I can only tell you about my experience and results. I took True Whey for 1 month. During that month I did lift weights (at home and not too heavy), I used a post-workout recovery protein and I was on a good diet. The combination of all of the above plus my True Whey shakes every day, resulted in me gaining about 4lb [1.8kg].


They say that first impressions count and I was certainly impressed with the quantity contained in the plastic packet (or a pouch as it’s referred to on their website)when I opened the box. True Whey by Myprotein kept impressing me with its taste, results and the value for money that it was.

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