Tristan Edwards: preparing for a Men’s Health photo shoot

Tristan Edwards in Men's Health UK
Tristan Edwards in the January issue of Men’s Health magazine UK.

Have you ever wondered how fitness models prepare for photo shoots? Staying in shape all year round is a must but that’s not enough. Diet adjustments and slight changes to the normal workout schedule are needed too. Find out how fitness model Tristan Edwards prepares for his photo shoots.

Hi Tristan. Since we last spoke, you’ve been featured in Men’s Health magazine again 🙂 This time you are demonstrating exercises in the two booklets that come with the magazine’s January 2014 issue.

Yes, I’m very excited to be featured in the magazine again. The brief was that I would be shooting for the men’s health PT plus supplement awards. This involved me shooting all the training exercises for the booklets and also the two front covers of the booklets. In terms of preparation time, I only had a couple days. I found out, I think, five days before the shoot.

You are obviously in shape all year but how does a shoot like that affects your normal diet?

I actually have a very maintainable diet. A shoot like this, of course, affects it, but I will simply cut down on the fatty foods and the beer.

What’s your training schedule before a shoot?

My training schedule before a shoot will often involve the incorporation of more drop sets and, of course, a bit of cardio. I stick to HIIT cardio. I will also train lighter in order to burn out the muscles and develop the definition rather than developing mass with the heavy weights.

My preference in terms of training muscle groups together is as follows: Chest/Biceps – Quads/Hamstrings – Abs/Shoulders – Back/Triceps.

What’s your advice to anyone getting ready for a fitness photo shoot?

My advice for anyone getting ready for a fitness photo shoot would be to train with lighter weights and incorporate drop sets in order to really burn out the muscles. Implement lots of cardio, both HIIT and LlIT or whatever your preference, in order to get rid of any excess water weight.

And get your diet right as you don’t want to have a breakout and get bad skin right before a shoot.

What are your plans for 2014?

2014 is going to be an exciting year. ASD Performance will be bringing out some new products. However, I will keep quiet about what new products will be released, as I have many ideas and have yet to choose which to focus on.

In terms of bookings and photo shoots, I am actually on my way to Korea as I’ve been booked by Head Sport Korea to shoot for their advertising campaigns for the next five months.

If there’s anything else you like to add, please do so here.

One last thing I would like to add. The Dirk Bikkembergs book, for which I did a photo shoot, is finally released. I will be receiving a copy towards the end of January. Be sure to check out my Facebook page and Instagram to see images from this shoot. I’ve been waiting for a year to see these.

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