Tristan Edwards on setting up his own sports nutrition company – ASD Performance

Tristan Edwards talks business
Tristan Edwards on setting up his own sports nutrition company – ASD Performance

Sometimes in life when you meet someone, you just know they are going to be successful. Tristan Edwards is one of these people. I don’t know what it is about him but he is definitely one of those people who delivers on his dreams. His fitness modelling career is going from strength to strength and as if that isn’t enough, he’s also started his own sports nutrition company – ASD Performance.

Tristan Edwards is also in the 200th issue of Men’s Health magazine. I recently caught up with him to ask him about his company and his appearance in the magazine.

ASD Performance is officially launched and it’s off to a good start. Tell us how a 20 something British fitness model ends up with his own sports supplements company?

My inspiration came from a friend of mine in London who has also started his own sports nutrition company. Until speaking with him I had previously thought the idea of starting it was not realistic. After a lot of learning, and adapting the best approach to developing the idea, I put all my time and effort into it.

I have wanted to start my own company from a young age and have always had a direct interest in health and fitness. Starting ASD Performance is ideal for me, as my passion to develop the brand is relentless.

Building the brand, of course, presents a challenge so to do this I have carefully selected various ambassadors from across the UK and the US to promote ASD.

In terms of launching the brand I have had to deal with endless issues; mainly website design delays and product packaging delays. Unfortunately these were some areas that I could not have complete control over. However, all of these issues were eventually dealt with and are in the past.

The name ASD stands for Advanced Supplement Delivery. I wanted a name that was sharp, precise and short. ASD is based in San Diego California. However, it is an international operation and products can be shipped all over the world.

Who’s the product range for?

The product range is aimed towards the general fitness user, but is also suitable for use by the professional: i.e. from the average Joe to athletes, physique competitors, fitness models etc. My reasoning for targeting this broad range of consumers is simply due to the fact that I hate modern day bodybuilding.

The blocky physiques they present on stage these days are simply unnatural and are completely un-aesthetic. Many people are put off by these physiques and therefore the products these guys/girls take, so I did not want to isolate ASD in the market by just targeting bodybuilders.

The product range will help the consumer achieve an aesthetic physique effectively and safely. I have been using the products for over four months now and have seen some fantastic results.

Would you introduce the product range and the inspiration for it?

We ship our products anywhere in the world and the ASD Product range is as follows:

ASD Strike

This is ASD’s powerful Nitric Oxide Pre Workout supplement that supports nitric oxide production, oxygen delivery, increases Muscle Pump and gives you strength, power and endurance to you help blast through any workout.

ASD Shred-X

ASD’s Shred-X is a powerful Pre Workout Thermo-genic Fat Burner designed to help you shed fat fast and increase muscle definition. ASD Shred-X Streamlined formula focuses on enhancing energy and metabolic support to help users elevate their overall physical performance and reach their fitness goal, whilst helping to suppress appetite.

ASD Amino

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are responsible for cell growth, strength and muscle repair. They facilitate the healing of torn muscle tissues and provide the needed building blocks to nourish the muscle cells. Without the intake of amino acids you cannot grow larger muscles. ASD Amino provides 4000mg of amino acids including the essential Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).

ASD Glutamine

Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in the muscles. It plays a key role in protein synthesis, cell volumization and anti-catabolism. It also increases the ability to secrete human growth hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth.

Shred-X is one of the products that makes a regular appearance in your social media feeds. Tell us how you use it and how it’s helped you for your Men’s Health photo shoot.

Shred-X is a Powerful Pre Workout Thermo-genic Fat Burner. I take Shred-X in the morning before cardio or, if I am not doing a cardio session, I take it before a weight training session. In preparation for my Men’s Health shoot I was using Shred-X every day before my training sessions.

It helps me quickly tone up and gets me trim before any shoot. I was given a two week preparation period for the shoot, during which I did a lot of HIIT training and taking Shred-X before each session.

What’s your advice to anyone who is looking at your pictures and wants to get a body like yours?

Diet is essential. Everyone has a different metabolism and what works for some might not work for others, so to achieve your ideal body you must first understand it.

In terms of supplements I only take the ASD products range. Shred-X before cardio; Strike before a weight session and the Aminos and Glutamine to recover after every session. When it comes to training be sure not to over train. At a young age this was my biggest problem.

What can we expect from ASD Performance in the future?

You can expect big things from ASD in the future. Everyday a new opportunity is presenting itself. In terms of new products I am always thinking of new ideas; unfortunately you will have to wait to find out 😉

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