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Interviews with models, athletes & human interest stories

Seeing the transformation of others is the greatest motivational tool there is.

Interviews with those who have worked hard to get a perfect body is of great interest to Skinny Muscles.

If you have a life changing story to tell or just eager to show the results of your hard work, is the ideal platform for you.

If you are a keen gym-goer and would like to have a go at modelling, why not submit your story and get your first publicity.

Workout plans

You can’t grow your muscles if you don’t exercise them.

A good and balanced workout plan is the key to a successful body transformation. Submissions with advice and information about working out and exercising are very welcome.

Nutrition and diet plans

A nutritionally balanced diet is one of the main ingredients in a successful body transformation.

Submissions regarding nutrition advice and diet plans are always welcome.

Please be original

Please note that we will check your submissions for originality and authenticity before they are published.

Please only submit your own materials. Copying the work of others and passing it as your own is plagiarism. It is against the law and we won’t publish it.

The small print

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