Stay motivated: tips on preventing failure and achieving your goals

Stay motivated: find a gym buddy
Stay motivated: tips on preventing failure and achieving your goals

Staying motivated is the key to achieving your goals. There isn’t a universal motivation formula but there are things we can do to stay motivated. Finding a gym buddy, for example, is one of the most recommended ways of staying motivated.

It’s hardly a state secret that achieving your goals is the result of hard work and dedication. In an ideal world, we’ll effortlessly do things we love doing and get instant results. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and often we have to compromise and struggle to stay motivated.

Motivation is what drives us to keep working out. So it’s important to make sure we have plenty of it when we need it. Here are my tips on how to stay motivated:

Stay motivated: Set your goals

You can’t be motivated to do anything if you have nothing to work towards. Setting clear goals at the beginning of your challenge gives you a purpose to work out. Make sure your goals don’t exceed your abilities and you give yourself a realistic timeline to achieve them.

For more information on goal setting, read the post on how to set your goals.

Stay motivated: Track your progress

Tracking your progress and seeing the results of your hard work is a big motivator. There are many tools and apps created to help you monitor your progress. You need to do the work if you want to see the results. Try to limit yourself to measuring your achievements to once a week. Jumping on the scales every morning expecting to see massive gains would be counter-productive.

To find an app for tracking your goals, read the post on fitness apps.

Stay motivated: Find an exercise partner

Having an exercise partner would make going to the gym fun and something you look forward to. It’s nice to share best practices and compare results with somebody else. You could ask a friend from college/university, a work colleague or your neighbour.

If you can’t find anyone or prefer to exercise at home, join an online community or become part of Skinny Muscles’ social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

Do you struggle to stay motivated? Take a moment and share your tips on staying motivated.

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