Secret Santa fitness gifts for under a fiver – 2019 edition

Secret Santa fitness gifts under a fiver 2019
Top 5 Secret Santa gifts for fitness lovers – 2019 edit.

So this year you feel like you’ve drawn the short straw with the Secret Santa. The only useful bit of information you know about them outside work is that they are well into their fitness. 

That’s all you need. There are plenty of cool and thoughtful gifts for under £5 that you can buy now. With next-day delivery, nominated delivery, click and collect or deliveries to a convenient place, it’s never too late to get your Secret Santa gift in time for the big party 🙂

Secret Santa fitness gifts – the 2019 list

1. Resistance bands

resistance bands for secret santa
Add some resistance to your workout.

Resistance bands are great for those who want to keep fit at home. They are light and can be packed to take away on holiday. Resistance bands can be used on their own or to add extra resistance to exercises involving dumbbells or barbells.

2. Skipping rope

skipping rope secret santa fitness gift
Skip your way to a trimmer and fitter you.

Everyone who is into fitness is doing some form of cardio. My favourite cardio exercise is rope skipping (or rope jumping if you are reading this in America). A skipping rope is ideal for those who want to do cardio but don’t like running or cycling, or the treadmill in the gym.

3. Foam roller

foam roller fitness gift
Roll away the painful reminder of your last gym session.

Foam rollers are used to eliminate and prevent muscle knots. They have the same effect on muscle knots as a rolling pin has on lumps in bread dough. In other words, a foam roller is like a personal massage therapist.

4. Body calliper

body calliper secret santa fitness gift
The best way to keep a track of your body fat percentage on your quest for a six pack.

A body calliper is a great addition to any fitness fanatic. It’s a handy little tool that measures body fat. If you are buying it as a gift, make sure you know the person well. Otherwise, you may end up offending them.

A body calliper is a perfect gift for a guy with chiselled abs. They will use it to make sure they keep their body fat within the “abs-revealing” levels.

If you are buying for a female colleague, perhaps a body calliper is not really the best option. You run the risk of her taking it the wrong way and ruining your relationship.

5. Pedometer

secret santa fitness gift pedometer, activity tracker
Keep track of your steps to a healthier you in the New Year.

If you are buying for someone who likes to keep fit in general, then a pedometer is a safe Secret Santa gift.

Did you know that the average male does just over 7,000 steps a day, while the average female does just over 5,000. The average person burns about 100 calories per walking mile which is about 2,000 steps.

Secret Santa FAQs

How does Secret Santa work?

Secret Santa is a fun way to exchange gifts with family members, friends, colleagues or any other group of acquaintances ie gym buddies. The concept behind it is straightforward: participants draw a name out of a hat, box or bowl and buy that person a present. There’s usually a set budget which you can’t exceed or some other condition placed in order to make the game more challenging and fun. 

What are good Secret Santa gifts?

When choosing gifts for your Secret Santa, think small affordable object that convey your interest in the intended gift receiver. Don’t forget to follow the rules and be within budget because that’s part of the fun. Take a look at these last minute Christmas gifts for some inspiration.

What is a good Secret Santa gift for a guy?

Find out if they have any hobbies and select something appropriate and within budget. If the guy is into fitness, try these gifts for fitness lovers for some inspiration.

What is a good small gift for coworkers?

The art of buying a gift for a coworker is to chose something that shows you know enough about them without being too personal. If they are into gardening for example, you could gift them a plant for their desk. Ideally, your gift would indicate enough interest in them outside of work without being overly familiar.

If you have other suggestions for Secret Santa fitness gifts for under a fiver, please share them with the rest of us in the comments section below. Happy Christmas!

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