Say NO to VAT on Sports Supplements

Say NO to VAT on Sports Supplements
Say NO to VAT on Sports Supplements

“Today [1 October 2013] is the first anniversary of the introduction of VAT on sports nutrition products – a black day for the sports nutrition industry and anyone who is devoted to a healthy and active lifestyle.

On the 1 October 2012, 20% VAT was added to all standard whey, creatine and amino acids, raising costs significantly for users. Companies such as Bulk Powders continuously fight to keep their prices low, to give their customers great value for money on all sports supplements – but the added VAT has made this increasingly difficult.

A year on, the users of sports supplements are not content to let this issue lie. Bulk Powders has put together a letter that lets sports supplement users tell their MPs how they feel. A copy of the letter can be downloaded from:

Please help us champion this cause by writing about this issue and letting people know that they still need to make their voices heard.”

This is an extract of an email I received earlier in the week. More often than not when a company emails me it is because they want something for nothing. This isn’t the case here and that’s why I want to dedicate an entire article to it. Not to the company but to the first anniversary of the introduction of 20% VAT on Sports Supplements in the UK.

If you don’t want to read the background information, just scroll down and see how you can help the industry in its attempts to stop the 20% VAT on Sports Supplements.

Collecting tax is what our Government does best. It’s their main fundraiser and it helps those who we voted to be in charge of the country to pay for most of the things that we expect to be there when we need them and things that we normally take for granted. Things like education, dental and medical care.

Every year, the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivers a budget to the Parliament and in this budget they set out their income and spending plans for the year ahead. It is a big deal and it affects all of us, either directly or indirectly. Raising taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and petrol are almost a given but last year the Chancellor introduced a 20% VAT on Sports Supplements.

Even though it has a direct effect on those who exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle, the VAT on Sports Supplements failed to make the headlines. Why? Because all the ink and air time were high jacked by stories and opinions on how unfair the proposed Pasty Tax was. Yes, Pasty Tax which was the phrase used by the media to “describe” the Chancellor’s proposal to simplify the tax treatment of “hot takeaway food” in order to apply 20% VAT on products like Cornish pasties and sausage rolls.

Everyone and their uncle made so much fuss about the Pasty Tax that it became a political scandal which in March 2012 was officially dubbed Pastygate. The pressure was so much that the Government backed off and we can still enjoy a hot Cornish pasty (or a sausage roll if you prefer) without paying a 20% VAT on it.

We need your help: Say NO to VAT on Sports Supplements

Raising awareness is exactly what Bulk Powders and other leading sports supplements companies in the UK are doing. You can make a difference too.

All you need to do is download the letter from: and send it to your MP (don’t forget to insert your MP’s name and your name). You can also take part on Twitter using #BlackMonday and #3Million.

Make sure you share this article on your Facebook page and let your friends be part of the campaign too. Thank you.

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