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5 reasons for not working out at home

Working out at home is the most convenient and stress-free way of keeping fit. You are on your own, in the comfort of your own home and shielded from the pressure you may feel if you were at a gym or any other public space. Sometimes, that can be limiting and here are 5 reasons for not working out at home.

5 reasons to workout at home

Workout at home or sign up to my local gym? That鈥檚 the question most people are asking when they are trying to workout what鈥檚 best for their body. The reality of it is that both the gym and working out at home have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are my 5 reasons to workout at home:

Can you smoke and still build muscles?

Building muscles isn鈥檛 just about working out and downing protein shakes. There are many other factors that have a direct effect on how your body develops. Some of these factors are down to lifestyle choices and/or bad habits, like alcohol and cigarettes for example. Let鈥檚 see how smoking affects your routine and can you smoke and still build muscles.

How to choose a personal trainer

A good personal trainer should be a well qualified expert in their field who delivers the results their clients want. Good personal trainers are also extremely busy and you need to take this into account when making your choice. If you are not sure how to choose a personal trainer, this article will help you.

Can you drink alcohol and still build muscles?

You know the expression: 鈥淎ll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?鈥 The same could be said about working out. Don鈥檛 let your desire for building a better body turn into an unhealthy obsession. You need to have these cheat meals and you can party (responsibly) but can you drink alcohol and still build muscles?

Christmas gifts for fitness junkies

Call me material but my favourite part of Christmas is opening my presents. The more boxes I have to open, the happier I get. It sounds a bit childish but it鈥檚 true. I would imagine that many of you feel that way. Here鈥檚 my Christmas gifts for fitness junkies list for this year.

How to lower your body fat

Even if you are a skinny guy (or a girl), you need to think about your body fat. There are two types of fat your body carries: visceral and subcutaneous. The first type is the one that wraps around your internal organs. The second type is the fat layer beneath your skin. This is the fat we all notice and worry about. Here are a few basics on how to lower your body fat.

Do you (really) eat, sleep and breathe fitness?

It鈥檚 time for a thought-provoking article. Don鈥檛 worry though; I’m not going to go on about the meaning of life. Instead, I’m trying to find out if keeping fit should be done to excess. If you eat, sleep and breathe fitness (or you think you are), then read on and let us know what you think.

Gym progress: are you happy with your results?

Are your biceps bursting out of your T-shirt or do you feel like you need to start over? It is in times (and weather) like this that we look at our gym progress and the results of all these hours lifting and running and squatting and sweating. It is now that we decide whether it was all worth it.

Take a break from the gym: 5 reasons you need some time off

Do you feel you need a holiday (vacation)? Do you struggle to find time to socialise? Are you tired? Do you find it difficult to notice any progress in your fitness regime? Do you feel like you want to give the workout a miss today? If you answer 鈥測es鈥 to any (or all) of these questions, then you need to take a break from the gym.

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