Living room workout by Laurens Fitness

Living room workout by Laurens Fitness
Living room workout by Laurens Fitness

In this post, Skinny Muscles teams up with Laurens Fitness to bring you five bodyweight exercises plus a living room workout. As somebody with a long career in sports (she is a professional Volleyball player), Lauren is passionate about exercising and showing us different ways to keep fit.

Here at Skinny Muscles we are big believers in working out at home and bodyweight workouts. We try to bring you the best tried and tested methods to keep fit without the need to invest in gym memberships and expensive equipment. When Lauren approached us with the idea of doing a post on bodyweight exercises and a living room workout, there was only one answer: Yes, please.

Lauren is a fitness and conditioning coach and professional Volleyball player who blogs over at Laurens Fitness. She holds a degree in Human Movement and with a long pro sports career under her belt, Lauren is well equipped to advise you on bodyweight exercises and living room workout. It’s over to you, Lauren:

Getting to the gym on a regular basis is not easy. Luckily, time and equipment are no longer an issue. You already have everything you need, your own body. Check out these five exercises that you can do in your living room.


This is a great exercise for your legs and glutes. Not only do you help strengthen your legs, but the lunge will also help to open up your hips and create better mobility and flexibility in the area.

How To: Step out in front of you with one leg. Make sure your foot is far enough out so your knee will not move over your toes when you complete the lunge. To progress you can hold something over head. This not only will add weight, but will also stretch your hip muscles and fascia.


I call these the glute builders, a must have in your program. These bridges are one of the best exercises for glute strength and back pain prevention.

How To: Start with two leg bridges. Your knees should be bent to about ninety degrees and your heels on the ground in front of you. Press through your heels and bring your body up to parallel. Hold this position momentarily and come back down. Once you master this, move onto one leg work.

Push Up

One of the classic exercises that often gets overlooked. The push up is great for shoulder health as well as working those chest muscles. It incorporates a lot of the body and has a lot of variations for any level.

How To: Start in a plank position on your hands. Your back should be straight and held in that position throughout the exercise. With your hands remaining still on the floor, allow your elbows to bend until your chest almost touches the floor and then push back up to the starting position. If you can’t complete the exercise or hold your form, do it on your knees. If you have already mastered it, put your feet up on a bench and increase the intensity.

Towel Rows

This is a great at home alternative for the upper back. By working an area that helps with posture, you will also hit your biceps and gain strength through your upper body.

How To: Use a towel or a belt and wrap it around a secure door handle. Lean backwards slightly holding the towel. Stiffen your lower body and pull yourself closer to the door by bending your arms and contracting between your shoulders blades. To make it more difficult, lean back farther or use one arm.

Prone Hold

This is the ultimate core exercise and helps prevent lower back pain. Forget sit ups, start working on your prone holds.

How To: The standard prone hold requires you to be on your elbows with your back straight. You shouldn’t pike or sag at the bottom. Hold this form and position. To progress you can alternate lifting one arm or one leg.

Living Room Workout

Time is no longer an excuse as with this living room workout, you can get it done in 20 minutes.

  • Warm up with 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks and 10 Squats.
  • Beginners do two sets, intermediates do three.
  • Each superset should be done without rest.
  • Alternate between the exercises and don’t stop until all the sets are finished.
  • Rest in between supersets for 2 minutes.
  • Complete 2-3 times a week.

Super Set 1 (2-3 Sets)

  • Lunges 8-10 Each Leg
  • Push Up 10-12

Super Set 2 (2-3 Sets)

  • Bridges 8-10 Double Leg or Each Leg
  • Towel Rows 10-12

Core (2-3 Sets)

  • Prone Holds Maximum time until form breaks.

Go and get started. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. If you want more living room workouts and other exercises you can do at home, visit Lauren’s blog here. You can also chat to her personally on Facebook and Google Plus.

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