24 last minute Christmas gifts for fitness lovers in 2019

last minute christmas gifts for fitness lovers list
The coolest selection of last minute Christmas gifts for fitness lovers.

Buying them something that’s going to help them stay motivated and on top of their fitness is the best gift you can give them this year. Whether they are committed gym goers or fair-weather exercise enthusiasts, this list has something for everyone. We even have done the legwork for you and found the best offers and cheaper alternatives on Amazon, eligible for next or same-day delivery.

If you want to make sure their presents arrive in time for the Big Day, get Amazon Prime for a free next day delivery. It also gives you access to movies, TV programmes and music which you can stream for free whilst they are out enjoying their new fitness gifts. 

Doing your New Year’s Resolution? These gifts can also help you to achieve your health and fitness goals for 2020. You are welcome.

Best gifts for fitness lovers in 2019

fitness lover best gifts

1. Fitbit Versa Health & Fitness Smartwatch

From £158.96 on Amazon

It’s on the wrist of everyone who is (or wants to give the impression that they are) serious about their health and fitness. It tracks everything that needs to and can be tracked – walking, running, cycling, swimming, heart rate etc. Lightweight, easy to use and not as expensive as an Apple Watch.

2. Vibrating foam roller

From £69.99 on Amazon

Cramped muscles and back ache go hand in hand with exercising and keeping fit. You don’t need to have a physiotherapist on speed dial to take care of your body after a demanding workout though. All you need is a good foam roller. The vibrating ones are all the rage this year but the standard ones are just as good. You need to decide whether they have been good enough to deserve a vibrating foam roller for Christmas.

3. Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

From £219.00 on Amazon

What’s likely to give them the mental strength to finish that last rep or go all in on the last mile of their run? Music, of course. People who are serious about their fitness are also serious about their workout playlists. The best gift you can give them this Christmas is these Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones. 

If you are on a budget, go for the cheaper headphones and throw in a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited. Get Amazon Music 30-Day Free Trial on us!

What’s not a good gift for a fitness lover?

Novelty gifts and fads as well as T-Shirts with funny slogans are terrible gifts for fitness lovers and people who like to keep fit. 

Best gifts for weight lifters

weight lifting gifts ideas

4. Beast Grips

From £13.97 on Amazon

They are credited with anything – from performance boost and increase in muscle strength to reducing joint pain. Essentially, hand grips are designed to provide a better grip on dumbbells and barbells. Everything else is a nice bonus.

5. Beast Gear PowerBelt

From £37.97 on Amazon

No, it’s not a fashion accessory. It’s a must-have for anyone who lifts heavy weights because a weightlifting belt is designed to protect them from hernias and other injuries. Think of it as a crash helmet for weight lifters. 

6. Beast Gear Wrist Wraps

From £8.97 on Amazon

They are designed to provide extra support on the wrist joints when exercising and/or lifting heavy weights. The weight lifting wrist wraps can lower the risk of injury and aid performance. A must have for weight lifters and anyone else who is taking their training seriously.

What’s not a good gift for a weight lifter?

Weight lifting gloves are a terrible gift for anyone who is lifting weights. Save your money because they will never dare to wear them in the gym. 

Best gifts for yoga lovers

yoga gift

7. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

From £21.99 on Amazon

Anyone who does yoga, needs a yoga mat. If you are choosing it as a gift for a yoga lover, make sure that it’s light, non slip and thick enough to provide a good cushioning. The one on our list does all of this and it qualifies for Free One-Day Delivery if you have Amazon Prime. 

8. Ozaiic Yoga Socks

From £15.99 on Amazon

You can never have enough socks. They are also an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for all yoga lovers. These ones are comfortable, light, non-slip and they wash well. 

9. Microfibre Towel

From £12.99 on Amazon

Compact, lightweight, absorbent and according to some of the reviews, it dries quickly too. Don’t quote me on this but apparently it’s dry by the time you are ready to put in your bag. Even if it goes wet in your bag, it dries whilst in it. Don’t know how but that’s what the reviews say.  

What’s not a good gift for yoga lovers?

The best gift can just as easily turn into the worst yoga gift. Apparently some yoga mats can be very smelly.. even as new! So, if you are shopping online, make sure you read the reviews.

Best gifts for runners

road runner shoes

10. Reebok floatride energy

From £1.99 on Amazon

To paraphrase the old saying: a runner’s way to their heart is through their running shoes. They normally come with a hefty price tag but not the the ones on our list. They are winners in the Best Value 2019 category of this year’s tests conducted by Runner’s World magazine. 

11. Low-cut pro ankle running socks

From £7.95 on Amazon

You can’t give them swanky running shoes without putting in a pair of running socks in the box. The ones on our list are made from breathable materials and designed to ensure maximum comfort and blister prevention thanks to the anti-friction zones on the heel and toe areas. 

12. BetterYou – Original Magnesium Flakes

From £6.66 on Amazon

If you are a practical gift-giver, a bag of magnesium flakes is right up your alley. It’s also relatively inexpensive in comparison to the other two gifts for runners. They are bound to use it and appreciate it just the same, particularly after a long winter run.

What’s not a good gift for a runner?

The easiest way to spoil a runner’s Christmas is by gifting them unsolicited outerwear and anything that says or implies – jogging. 

Best gifts for cyclists

professional cyclists gifts

13. Garmin Edge  520 Plus

From £187.99 on Amazon

Although they use pedal power, cyclists are well into their gadgets. Electronic devices that are light, aerodynamic, durable and made to track their performance and routes are all good gift ideas. Anything by Garmin makes a particularly nice gift for a cyclist, including their latest gadget which is on our list.

14. Calf Leg Compression Sleeves

From £9.97 on Amazon

This one is for the caring gift-giver. It’s not only a thoughtful gift for cyclists of all levels but it’s also a caring gesture that ensures the well being of their calves. These compression sleeves are made to provide calf support, improve blood circulation and increase oxygen flow. According to the manufacturer, they also protect from cramps, reduce swelling and lower the risk of injury. 

Buy Calf Leg Compression Sleeves on Amazon for £9.97 

Buy Rymora Calf Compression Sleeves for £12.97 on Amazon

15. Philips OneBlade

From £33.22 on Amazon

In the cycling world, smoother legs mean faster speeds. The hybrid trimmer and shaver by Philips is on our list because it’s as good a choice as its more expensive alternatives. Just make sure your gift-receiving cyclist shaves their legs. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an awkward situation.

What’s not a good gift for a cyclist?

Don’t gift them underwear under any circumstances! They don’t wear any while cycling. Enough said.

Best gifts for swimmers

professional swimmers gifts

16. Surfears Surf Ears 3.0 Earplugs

From £44.94 on Amazon

Keep the water out of their ear canals and protect them against swimmer’s ear. The earplugs on our list are a snug fit and designed to keep water out whilst letting the sound in. 

17. Microfibre towel

From £12.99 on Amazon

Every swimmer needs a towel which is light, soft and absorbent. A microfibre one would do the job better than its cotton relative. The one on our list is also quick drying. 

18. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three

From £1.99 on Amazon

The downside of swimming is all the chlorine that ends up on your body and hair. The Paul Mitchel shampoo is formulated to remove chlorine and impurities after a swim. 

What’s not a good gift for a swimmer?

Swimmers are quite particular about their swimwear, so make sure you know exactly what they want before you go ahead and buy it for them. 

Best wellness gifts

the best wellness gift

19. Chilly’s bottles

From £17.00 on Amazon

Keeping hydrated is important for all of us, not just for the health and fitness conscious ones. Even though the advice on how much water we should drink per day varies, it’s nice to have a durable water bottle which you can take everywhere with you. 

20. BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug

From £18.73 on Amazon

If you are not comfortable drinking tap water, consider a water filter jug. The one on our list is meant to reduce chlorine and organic impurities. It should also improve the taste and odour of your drink of water.

21. Nutribullet 600 Series

From £57.99 on Amazon

The quickest and easiest way to get a healthy burst of nutrients in your diet is in the form of a smoothie. When it comes to making them at home, there is no better appliance for the job that the Nutribullet. We recommend the original Nutribullet 600 series.

Best mindfulness gifts

22. Empowering Questions Cards

From £10.45 on Amazon

Turning your attention to your inner self and needs is the best way to get started with mindfulness. These cards are specifically designed to help you with that and empower you to embrace your uniqueness and to love yourself because you are perfect the way you are.  

Buy Empowering Questions Cards on Amazon for £10.45

Buy Cheaper Alternative for £1.99 on Amazon

23. Calm The Chaos Journal

From £12.99 on Amazon

Journaling is quite an understated activity but making a habit of it can do wonders for your mental and emotional wellbeing. This journal helps you to create a daily routine of reflection and intention so that you can manage daily stress and anxiety. 

24. Jasmine Scented Candle

From £14.99 on Amazon

Taking some time to yourself every day is an important part of maintaining a healthy mind. Whether you have a long soak in the bath or spend a few minutes writing in your journal, lighting a candle can have a calming effect and help you to get into the zone. 

What gift would you like to receive this Christmas? Leave a comment because Santa is a regular reader, just like you 😉

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