Jumping rope for fat loss

Jumping rope for fat loss
Jumping rope for fat loss

One of the side effects of eating right without exercising is the build up of fat around the waist area. In fact, piling on the fat over your six pack is easier than you think possible. That’s why I’ve been looking for fun ways to do cardio and have devised my own fun workout that involves jumping rope for fat loss.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always looked at rope jumping (or rope skipping) as a bit of a soft activity together with the hula hoop. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never really considered it as something that I want to do nor have I thought about jumping rope for fat loss.

Guess what? I’ve been wrong. YouTube is full of videos of very fit guys doing all sorts of cool workouts using a jump rope. Not to mention that boxers do lots of rope jumping too. It is only natural to give it a go and see how hard jumping a rope can be.

Jumping rope for fat loss – a fun workout

I am still a novice at rope jumping and I find it incredibly difficult to keep going for much longer than a minute or two. Even after such a relatively short period of time, the burning sensation in your legs and lower body is excruciating. Remember that it’s not a pain; it’s your body burning the excess fat. If you keep telling yourself that long enough, you will eventually believe it.

Until such time when I am more advanced and able to do longer sessions (my target is 5 minutes), I have devised (with the help of various videos on YouTube) my own fun workout that involves jumping rope for fat loss.

You need a jump rope (which you can get from Amazon for next to nothing) and a stop watch (either on your mobile phone or your wrist watch). Obviously you need to wear appropriate clothing and trainers too. Even though it’s “a fun workout”, it’s not really fun doing it in your office gear. Don’t forget to warm up before you start.

Jumping rope for fat loss – a fun workout

  • 30secs rope jumping
  • 30secs mountain climbers
  • 30secs sprint
  • 30secs push ups
  • 30secs rest

Do three sets and try not to have any breaks between the different exercises in each set. Only have the 30secs break between sets. This jumping rope workout is very intense and can easily double as your High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for the day. If you struggle to complete it, reduce the time for each exercise and slowly increase it to 30secs and beyond as you progress.

It’s OK to feel the burn and find it impossible to complete the set but don’t let that put you off. It is important to find your own paste. Doing every exercise in the set without a break is more important than the actual time you spend on each exercise.

The whole point of this workout is to raise your heart rate to an aerobic level in order to burn that excess fat.

Even though you should be able to feel the burn, you should also know your limits. It is important that you do the workout as described whilst being careful not to overdo it and put your health at risk.

If in doubt, you should do a test run (of this workout) and set your limits. You can build on the time as you progress.

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