How to choose a diet and stick to it until you see results

How to choose a diet and stick to it until you see results
How to choose a diet and stick to it until you see results

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ieting is normally associated with weight loss. Those who are on a diet because they are too skinny and want to gain weight often go unnoticed. Let’s start with the basics and learn how to find a diet and stick to it.

Skinny Muscles attracts a lot of readers who are looking for diets and advice on how to gain weight. This suggests that you are either unhappy with your diet or you don’t see any results and want to change it. In either case that’s probably because you are on the wrong diet. Let’s go back to basics and find out how to choose a diet and stick to it.

Nobody wants to pile on the pounds because they want to hit a bigger number on the bathroom scales. Even if you were doing a medical trial for some magic instant weight gain pill, you won’t be putting your health at risk just because it sounds like fun. Let’s find out why you want to gain weight and list some tips on how to choose a diet.

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How to choose a diet: Why do you want to gain weight?

Behind every decision to go on a diet, there is a good reason. The desired weight is just a by-product. The closer to the real reason you get, the more successful your diet is likely to be. Here are some questions you need answers to:

Do you want to gain weight because you don’t feel healthy? Perhaps your body is lacking some key nutrients? Maybe you get tired easily and struggle to carry on with your day?

If that’s your reason, you need to consult your General Practitioner or dietician. They can run tests and find out exactly what you are lacking and advice you on a diet plan.

Do you want to gain weight because you feel threatened and want to stand up for yourself? Perhaps you feel vulnerable? Maybe you are afraid of being bullied?

It’s not uncommon for guys to feel threatened and vulnerable because of their weight. If you are one of them, you need to combine your diet with an appropriate workout plan. You could workout out at home if you don’t feel ready for the gym.

Do you want to gain weight because you want to attract some attention? Perhaps you feel ignored because of your skinny body? Maybe gaining weight will improve your confidence?

A perfect body with well defined muscles and a washboard stomach is guaranteed to get you plenty of attention. It’s also a great confidence booster. If that’s your reason then you need to eat and work for it. They say that abs are made in the kitchen and they have a point. You need a diet that’s high in protein and low in fat. If you want six pack abs, you need to get your body fat pretty low.

Tips on how to choose a diet and stick to it

How successful your diet is depends on your choice and commitment to it. These tips on how to choose a diet should help you get on the right path and achieve your goals.


Like everything else, there are trends in dieting too. Every year there is a big diet that promises to get your body in shape before you can say “paparazzi”. Companies come up with weight gain products all the time. Do a bit of research and then think again if that’s what you really need. There maybe alternative protein shakes that are better for you.


Your lifestyle is a big factor in how successful your diet is going to be. Think about your budget, the time you have to prepare your meals and other parts of your lifestyle that may have a negative effect on your diet.


Prior to making any major changes in your diet should be consulted with your General Practitioner and dietician. You need to seek professional advice especially if you are changing your diet for health reasons. If you find it difficult to eat 5-6 times a day, start with three meals and increase portion sizes and meals in due course. Monitor your weight to make sure you are not gaining too much.


You know the expression “Good things come to those who wait.” right? It takes time to change your habits and get used to your new diet. It also takes time for your body to react to these changes. Allow at least 3 months (12 weeks) before you expect to see any results.

You should combine your new diet with a workout plan in order to achieve the desired change. Download our “Meals and Calories Tracking Sheet” to help you monitor your diet.

[quote_box_center]Remember that knowing how to choose a diet is the beginning of your body change.[/quote_box_center]

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