Home workout equipment essentials

Home workout equipment essentials
Home workout equipment essentials

Working out at home doesn’t require a lot of space and equipment. An exercise mat, a pair of dumbbells and an exercise wheel are enough to aid you in sculpting the body you always wanted. Get set to make the most of your training with these home workout equipment essentials.

Working out at home seems to be more popular than ever. It doesn’t cost membership fees and your “home gym” is always open. You don’t need a lot of space and expensive equipment to take care of your body at home. Most of the home workout equipment is designed to aid your body weight workout routines.

Home workout equipment

The equipment for your home workouts needs to be effective, easy to use and easy to store. Here is a list of my home workout equipment essentials:

Exercise mat

An exercise mat is, quite literally, the foundation of your home workout routines. It protects your palms, knees and back when exercising. It is a must-have especially if you workout in a room with hard floor.

Use it when doing press ups, push ups, planks, crunches, reverse crunches and any other exercise that requires you to use the floor.

Dumbbell set

Dumbbells are the most versatile home workout equipment. They are perfect for building your upper body strength. Use them to tone your abs, biceps, triceps and chest.

Get a set with interchangeable weights. Even though they are a bit bulky, you can adjust the weight to suit your abilities. Use lighter weights with more repetitions (reps) to tone your muscles and heavier weights with fewer reps to build muscle mass.

Exercise wheel

The exercise wheel is powerful home workout equipment. It is designed to tone your abs, arms and tights. Be warned though; the exercise wheel is unstable and challenging when used. That puts extra stress on your core and engages more muscles during a workout.

If you are a complete novice or never used it before, you must start with your knees on an exercise mat not far from a wall. Do small motions using the wall as a stopper. Increase the distance as you progress.

Weight training gloves

Weight training gloves are far from being essential home workout equipment. However, they are quite useful if your dumbbells are hard and without any padding. They protect you from getting blisters on your palms.

Wear them when doing push ups, especially if you do them on a hard floor.

All of the above home workout equipment is very versatile and it doesn’t require a lot of space to use. It is suitable for beginners, easy to use and inexpensive to buy.

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