Halloween horror muscles

Halloween horror muscles - Heidi Klum
Halloween horror muscles

Halloween is the perfect excuse to let your alter ego out. Whether you are trick or treating, going to a party or just clubbing, you are encouraged to use your creative licence to dress up. It doesn’t have to be all about scary witches and zombies. Be different and show off your Halloween horror muscles.

I must confess that I have never been “big” on Halloween. I guess that’s probably related to my upbringing. The fact I never celebrated it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate Halloween and a good party.

Anyone who makes an effort deserves applause and encouragement. If you are going to a Halloween party and want to make an extra effort, here’s some ideas for you: Go as the muscle man you always wanted to be.

Halloween horror muscles ideas

1. A skinless human body

The inspiration for my first Halloween horror muscles comes from Heidi Klum. The German supermodel is big on Halloween and her choice of outfit always makes the headlines.

In 2011 she was wheeled on the red carpet of her Las Vegas Halloween party on a stretcher, covered in a blood stained sheet. When the sheet was lifted it revealed Heidi painted to look like a skinless human body.

Heidi Klum arriving at her 2011 Halloween party in Las Vegas painted as a skinless human body, revealing all muscle fibres. Picture: Everett Collection / Rex Features.

You can get a morphsuit which is printed to look like a skinless human body. According to the company that makes them “morphsuits are the costume phenomenon taking over the world”. It is essentially a whole-in-one lycra suit that covers you from head to toe. You can drink, breath and see through them but no-one can see you.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you are more of an “old school” type of guy, get the classic padded muscle shirt. Wear it with combat trousers and military boots. Finish the look with an Arnold Schwarzenegger paper mask and a cigar. The best part is that with a mouthful of candy, you’ll sound just like him when you say: “I’ll be back!”

Halloween horror muscles: Arnold Schwarzenegger look

Put on a padded muscle shirt, an Arnold Schwarzenegger mask, a fake cigar and say “I’ll be back!”

3. Face muscles and skull make up

Perhaps you’ve been working out hard crafting your perfect body or you are a fitness model and want to just show off. In that case, you could paint some muscles on your face. To get the perfect Halloween look, paint some muscles on half of your face and a skull on the other half. Use a protein shaker bottle for your drinks.

All you need is some makeup, a brush and a steady hand to apply it with. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it:

Dressing up always brings lots of fun and gets everyone into the spirit for celebrations. Halloween is the perfect excuse to put on a costume and let your alter ego out. Hire a costume, put on a wig, a mask or some doggy make up and party. It’s OK to get a few funny looks and scare a few people. It’s Halloween and you have a “licence to fright”. Happy Halloween!

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