Go Whey Protein 80 by GoNutrition – product review

Go Whey Protein 80 by GoNutrition – product review
Go Whey Protein 80 by GoNutrition – product review

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]upplements reviews are becoming a regular feature in the Skinny Muscles’ editorial calendar. That’s largely thanks to the sports nutrition companies that keep sending me samples of their products. My latest delivery is from GoNutrition, who sent me samples of their Go Whey Protein 80.

GoNutrition is a brand new sports supplement brand that’s only just officially launched. Their products range offers “fantastic value” and is “sourced from only the best ingredient suppliers”.

What got my attention is the fact that GoNutrition is the new sports nutrition venture of Oliver Cookson – the founder of Myprotein. To me, that translates into good quality products, good value for money and good results.

Before I move on to the actual review, I would just like to point out that these free samples were provided only for the purpose of this review and without obligation.


I love the blender bottle. It’s orange with black top but what I like about it is its size. I am told that it comes in two sizes – 400 and 600ml. Mine is the 400ml one and it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. It has a good grip, easy to use and wash. The blender comes with a stainless steel wire ball which does a good job mixing the drink.

It’s also transparent enough for you to be able to see the marked quantity scale when filling up. That’s a big plus for me because most of the other blender bottles I have are impossible to read when filling up and I just have to guess how much water to put in.


If I was to order all 6x25mg sample packs, I would’ve paid £4.99. That comes to just over £0.80 per serving and it comes with a free delivery anywhere in the UK. In my opinion, that’s a good value for money, given the fact that you are getting 18.4g of protein per serving.


It is the best tasting protein drink I’ve ever had. Fact. Go Whey Protein 80 comes in 6 different flavours: Triple Milk Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Maple Syrup and Pancake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries and Whipped Cream, Sweet Banana.

I’ve tried all 6 different flavours and I like them all. It’s difficult to pick a favourite as they all taste so good. I even liked the chocolate flavour; something of a surprise given that chocolate is not a favourite of mine.

The Turkish Delight tastes just like the real thing and it takes me back to my childhood. As you probably know, I was born in Bulgaria and I grew up with Turkish Delight.

Regardless of flavour, the protein mixes very well with water. It dissolves almost instantly and is ready to drink after a couple of shakes. It doesn’t leave any residue on the bottle and it’s not lumpy either.

I like the consistency when mixed with the recommended 200ml of water. It’s very thin and silky smooth. You can mix with less water if you like your shakes thicker.


Go Whey Protein 80 is “an ultra premium quality 80% undenatured whey protein concentrate providing an unrivalled combination of taste, value and potential results.” That’s what the label says and judging by the nutritional information, it’s going to do just that.

I am not a nutrition expert and had to look up “undenatured”. It’s to do with the way the protein has been produced. It means that the protein has undergone less processing and therefore is of better quality.


The sports nutrition and the protein shakes market is over saturated and very crowded indeed. All sorts of brands and companies are launching new blends and flavours on what feels like daily basis. They all seem to have similar flavours and similar nutritional values. The difference between them is the packaging and the athletes endorsing the brand.

[quote_box_center]For more information and to order, please go to www.gonutrition.com [/quote_box_center]

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