How I gained 5kgs in a month to achieve my target weight

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How I gained 5kgs in a month to achieve my target weight. Photo: pixabay

The very reason I started to exercise was purely because I wanted to gain weight. I didn’t want big muscles, I didn’t want a six pack, I wanted my weight to be like that of a normal man of my height. I had 85kgs as my target weight and achieving it was my only goal.

I have achieved my target weight a couple of times in the past few years. The first time I stopped the scales at 85kgs, I did it through a combination of light exercise at home and protein shakes. The second time was through eating and no exercising.

Both times, I was very happy achieving my target weight but as soon as that happened I went back to my old ways (not eating enough, not exercising) and became skinny again. Both times, my happiness was short lived and soon I was back to square one: tall, skinny and wearing clothes which were a couple of sizes too big for my body shape.

I was obviously doing it wrong, otherwise I would have been able to sustain the 85kgs I was so desperate to achieve. My inability to maintain that weight was down to not having a long-term strategy with stable workout and eating plans.

It was my trainer who helped me come to this realisation. She also helped me to change my diet from ready meals and pizzas to healthy and freshly cooked meals which are full of nutrients and high in protein. The best thing about my new diet is that the meals are easy to prepare and require minimum cooking.


When I began this “diet”, I was 80.5kgs and in a month, I went up to 85.5kgs. Without further ado, here’s an example of my diet which helped me gain 5kgs in a month:

  • Breakfast
    A bowl of Whey Protein Porridge, mixed with Coconut Milk and a handful of nuts and blueberries
    Black filter coffee
  • Lunch
    2 cans of mackerel (or any other oily fish)
    Vegetables of your choice
  • Dinner
    2 chicken breast fillets
    Rice or a sweet potato
    Green vegetables
    1-2 oranges
  • Pre-bed snack
    Cottage cheese
    A handful of nuts and blueberries

As you can see, it’s not a complicated diet to follow and the meals take hardly any time and effort to prepare. The trick is to pick ingredients that you like and can eat on daily basis; for example, I don’t like tuna and even though I can get much more protein per serving of tuna, I have mackerel or salmon instead.


You can also see that I take Whey Protein Porridge and ProBlend 5. I tried many supplements and these are the two that I really like. I buy the 2.25kg size Whey Protein Porridge – Simply Banana flavour and the 4kg size ProBlend 5 – Maple Syrup & Pancake flavour from GoNutrition and they last me for a month. I like these two flavours and I like the texture. The porridge is slightly runny as I use quite a bit of Coconut milk and I mix my ProBlend 5 with more water than recommended so it’s nice and light too.

The only reason I take the protein shakes is convenience. I also eat more fruit than stated above and I never cook my vegetables – I eat all of them raw. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I like it and it saves me cooking time and washing up pots and pans. I also buy 2 litre bottles of water and drink one of them every day.


It’s worth noting that I go to the gym 3-4 times per week and workout with my personal trainer. She really pushes me and that keeps me hungry. Without these workouts I doubt if I would be able to eat that much.

To put it simply: my “secret” to gaining 5kgs in a month is a combination of 4 protein-packed nutritious meals, protein shakes and demanding workouts.

Chose meals, protein shakes and workouts you can cope with on long-term basis. Incorporate them into your daily routine and stick to them so that you can maintain the weight and muscles you gain.

Please note that this article is not sponsored by GoNutrition. Both products are the ones I use and I happy to recommend them.

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