Fitness models: 2012 most popular interviews

2012 most popular fitness models
Fitness models of 2012

The Fitness Models category has proved to be one of the most popular and inspirational features on Skinny Muscles in 2012. The interviews aim to inspire and guide you in achieving your perfect body. Here are the Top 5 most popular fitness models interviews of 2012.

The fitness models category is the latest addition to Skinny Muscles in 2012. The interviews look at what it takes to achieve the perfect body and be a fitness model. The interviewees are a mixture of fitness models, personal trainers or bodybuilding competitors. They offer their diet and workout plans to anyone interested in gaining weight and building muscles.

The category has been a huge success since its launch at the end of October 2012. Here are the most popular fitness models interviews of 2012, based on unique page visits:

Most popular fitness models interviews of 2012:

Tom Imanishi

Tom Imanishi is an inspiring fitness model and a bodybuilding competitor. He has been working out at the gym and playing sports since he was at school. After seeing a schoolmate enter a fitness modelling competition, Tom decided to follow a similar path. He entered the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Nationals Fitness Model Championships and was placed sixth.

Tom Imanishi fitness model
Tom Imanishi – natural fitness model and bodybuilding competitor

Tom says:

“Get your nutrition in check! No matter what your goals are for your physique, whether it is to gain lean muscle mass or lose body fat, controlling what goes into your body will determine how your body will look.

Also, keep track of each workout and meals for the day. Having a plan for the day’s session outlined in front of me keeps me ‘in the zone’ and avoids wasting time thinking about which exercise to do next.”

Ahmed Saleh

Ahmed Saleh is a Sydney based fitness enthusiast. He started to work out while he was working on his thesis at university. Even though Ahmed is focussed on building a career in Project Management, he still finds time to workout six days a week.

Ahmed Saleh
Ahmed Saleh fitness enthusiast

Ahmed says:

“I strongly believe that once a person is able to control their eating habits, whether going for a bulking diet or a shredding diet, it makes the whole process easier and they would definitely be seeing the results they need.

Making your diet work hand in hand with your work outs is essential. Keep in mind that 75-80% of body transformation is due to your diet.”

Michael Greene

Michael Greene is a certified personal trainer based in Sydney, Australia. A gym membership for his 16th birthday was his way in to fitness and working out. Michael’s real body transformation began when he learnt about nutrition and eating clean.

Michael Greene boxing
Michael Greene personal trainer and fitness model

Michael says:

“Diet would be a big key in how you gain weight and bulk up. I would not recommend doing an all out dirty bulk style diet as it will take ages to cut all the extra fat off. Instead, eat lots of clean foods, like carbs from sweet potato, brown rice, oats; fats from avocado, olive oil, flaxseed oil, almonds; protein from chicken breast, lean cuts of meat.”

Nassim Sahili

Nassim Sahili is a French fitness model, personal trainer and a natural athlete. His quest to building the perfect body started when he was at school. Like many teenagers, Nassim was doing 50 push ups a day in his bedroom. It took him six years of hard work and research into nutrition and workout plans to build the perfect body.

Nassim Sahili with chains
Nassim Sahili

Nassim says:

“Do your research and homework. Building a great body is not only a sport, but also a science and an art. You have to learn what it takes to build muscle. I advise anyone interested in fitness training to learn about training nutrition and supplementation.”

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