Fitness model interview: Jad Darwish

Had Darwish interview
Jad Darwish: fitness model interview for Skinny Muscles

“If you put in the hard work, commitment and choose the right diet, you will see the results.” Jad Darwish is the living proof that regardless of age and size you can build a perfect body. Find out how the “skinny and short kid from school” became a fitness model.

Would you introduce yourself, please?

My name is Jad Darwish and I am a 27 year old fitness and fashion model from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Weight: 69kg [152lbs]
  • Height: 167cm [5’5”]
  • Body fat: 5.4%

When did you start your body transformation?

I started lifting quite late, compared to most fitness models. I was 23 when I signed up for personal training sessions and started to workout. As I progressed, I began to notice results and expanding my knowledge about fitness and working out. That gave me the confidence to continue on my own without the help of my personal trainer.

I love going to the gym and working out. Transforming my body has made me even more determined to push myself and set new challenges. Seeing the results that I have achieved through hard work, dieting and commitment has influenced me to make it my personal goal to stay in peak condition all year round.

What keeps you motivated?

I used to be the skinny and short kid at school. I was never happy with that look and that’s what motivated me to transform my body. I don’t want to be skinny nor short again and that’s my biggest motivation to keep working out and improving my physique.

How many days per week do you workout and would you profile your normal weekly workout schedule?

Normally I train 5 to 6 days a week. If I have a photoshoot coming up, I workout 7 times a week whilst trying to maintain a good social life too.

An example of my training schedule looks like this:

  • Day 1: Back, Legs, Cardio (morning and evening)
  • Day2: Chest, Abs, Cardio
  • Day3: Shoulders, Traps and Abs, Cardio
  • Day4: Abs, Cardio, Upper Body rest
  • Day 5: Biceps, Triceps and Abs, Cardio
  • Day 6: Chest, Legs, Cardio

What is your favourite muscle group and your favourite exercise for it?

My favourite muscle group has to be my abs and arms.

What’s your diet like?

My diet is fairly simple and I spread it across 6 meals per day.

  • Meal 1: A cup of oatmeal cooked with 1 egg white; an egg white omelette made with 6 egg whites and 1 yolk.
  • Meal 2: 2 small chicken patties that I make myself; 1 cup of brown rice; a cup of steamed mixed greens.
  • Meal 3: A protein shake mixed with 1 scoop whey and 1 scoop hemp protein, blended with water and ice; an apple and handful of almonds. Or the same as Meal 2.
  • Meal 4: (Usually Pre-workout) Spicy chicken strips (that I make myself, using an oat flour and egg white batter, mixed with spices and herbs); a cup of brown rice. If I’m preparing for a shoot, I have a cup of shredded spaghetti squash mixed with a cup of mixed veg and I use diced tomatoes as a sauce.
  • Meal 5: (Usually Post-Workout) A small piece of fruit (banana) and a single scoop of protein within 30 minutes of finishing my workout. That’s followed by white fish (usually Tilapia) with brown rice or a medium yam potato (45 – 60 minutes after the fruit and protein).
  • Meal 6: (Night time meal, no later than 45 minutes before sleep) A cup of green tea with almonds.

What is your advice to anyone who wants to gain weight and build muscles?

Like everything else in life, building a perfect body requires hard work, commitment and a good diet. Many people underestimate the importance of the diet. You don’t need to be qualified dietician to eat clean. Try to spice things up and introduce new tastes and flavours to your meals.

What are your ambitions?

One day I’d like to have the opportunity to work with photographers like Dennis Dean and Luis Raphael. I also like to feature in photoshoots and editorials for big fashion labels. Modelling for Nike and other similar fitness and bodybuilding brands is also on my list of ambitions.

Anything else you like to add?

In a week’s time, I’ll be casting for Men’s Health magazine. Later in the year (July and August), I am doing 2 big jobs for Ace Underwear and Lick, which is a UK brand but they are doing a photoshoot in Melbourne.

Through the years, I have met many people who have inspired me and kept me focussed on my goals. I wouldn’t be here without the support and inspiration from Johnny Starr who is not only a training partner but a long-time family friend as well. Mark Darwish – is my brother and biggest supporter. Vicky Mack – a friend from New Zealand who has inspired me to give fitness modelling a go and Didier J Desmedt for helping me promote myself overseas.

I also like to use this opportunity to thank CSA Models for keeping me on their books and giving me the opportunities they do. I’d like to thank my friend and great photographer – Japs Rodriguez. A special thank you to Chris Maslon for his encouragement and support too.

Photography credit: Japs Rodriguez –; Denis Dwain –

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