Fitness blog for skinny guys who want to gain weight and build muscles

Skinny Muscles - fitness blog for skinny guys who want to gain weight, build muscles and look good is a fitness blog project started in 2012 by me, Mark Alexander. I am freelance journalist, photographer, documentary film maker, but most of all – I am a skinny guy on a mission to gain weight and build muscles. The blog is not about me. It is a place where I publish information and advice that’s helped me stay motivated and achieve my goals.

Fitness blog: Mission statement is a fitness blog for skinny guys who want to gain weight, build muscles and look good. The main aim is to motivate and inspire anyone who is skinny or a hard gainer to put on weight and get ripped.

Frequently updated, the blog provides useful information about the muscle building process, nutrition, diets and exercise plans. It also features interviews with professional fitness models. All articles are written in a plain and easy to understand style and language. Each of the main categories is updated with new posts every week:

Gain weight

As a skinny guy myself, I appreciate how difficult gaining weight may be. The blog posts in the Gain Weigh category have helped me understand the importance of nutrition and eating properly. It covers anything from carbohydrates and protein rich foods to pre and post workout meals. It is thanks to this information that I managed to gain 2st [28lbs or 12.7kg] in the past year and a half.

Build muscles wouldn’t be a fitness blog if it didn’t have a Build Muscles category. There is little point in gaining any weight if it wasn’t converted into muscles. I haven’t met many guys who want to go from skinny to flabby. The blog posts in this category explore the basics of working out, best practices and muscle building workouts.

Look good

This is the bonus category. It contains posts on how to look after ourselves and our appearance. New posts to Look Good category are added on monthly basis.

Fitness models

A fitness blog wouldn’t be a fitness blog without featuring interviews with fitness models. This is the latest addition to and it is by far the most popular category. The interviews are motivational and include plenty of tips, advice and best practices from professional fitness models, competitive bodybuilders, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts.


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Fitness blog for skinny guys

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