Fitness apps – how to choose the right ones

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Fitness apps – how to choose the right ones

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]itness apps on your mobile can be a great motivational tool. Find the application which reflects your personal objectives, set it up properly, use it and you are making the technology work for you. You do the hard work, the app logs it. Seeing the changes in the numbers as you progress gives you an instant boost.

[pull_quote_center]Good fitness apps are packed full of features.[/pull_quote_center]

The arsenal of tools ranges from the ability to create your own personal workouts to video demonstrations of different exercises. Some fitness apps also offer workout plans to suit different levels of fitness.

What should you look for when choosing fitness apps?


There is no point downloading any app (free or paid one) if it doesn’t provide basic functionality and the features you need. You need to be able to log your stats, set your goals and monitor your progress. Specific features depend on your goals. Assuming that you want to gain weight and build muscles, you should bear in mind the following features when looking at fitness apps:

  • Create a profile
  • Enter your measurements
  • Set your goals
  • Set a workout plan
  • Choose a workout plan based on your fitness level
  • Watch video demonstrations of different exercises
  • Food logging and tracking
  • Set reminders, monitor your progress


I only had two fitness apps on my iPhone prior to writing this post – MyFitnessPal and Weightplan. Both apps are free to download, work well and between them and pack a bunch of features which I find useful. They allow me to set my (body) weight targets, exercise routines, video demos and pretty much all of the above features plus a few extras.

I also have iFitness. It has been in my iTunes library since the purchase of my iPod touch but I never really used it. When I started writing this post, however, I looked at it again. It is a great app. It offers all basics features listed above, a comprehensive library of exercises, video demos and more.

If you are serious about gaining weight and building muscles, iFitness is a great app. It will show you which workouts suit you best, show you how to do them and monitor your progress.

The App Store is full of fitness apps. When it comes to features, they all do pretty much the same thing. Some of them do it better than others, some of them are free, others – are not. There are also fitness apps targeting a specific muscle group (abs, pecs etc.).

Before you hit the download button, make sure the fitness apps you are after:

  • Have the basic features you need to make it work for you;
  • Have a user interface you are happy with;
  • Have good reviews and positive feedback;
  • Try before you buy – many apps offer a free light version.

[quote_box_center]What’s in your iPhone? Are there any other fitness apps worth mentioning?[/quote_box_center]

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