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The latest diets and downloadable meal plans which are quick and easy to prepare and designed to help you fuel your workouts and achieve your fitness goals. 

Eat clean – the healthy way to a better body

Eating the right foods at the right times is the key to a successful body transformation. It helps you achieve and maintain your goals in the long run. It keeps you healthy and feeling better about yourself too. Let’s find out how to eat clean.

Food for muscles growth

They do say that 80% of the muscles are made in the kitchen. It is a controversial belief and not everyone agrees with it. Regardless of whether 80% is the right proportion or not, for the result you’re after, you need to workout, recover and consume the right food for muscles.

Avocado – the good fats

Avocado is a regular ingredient in healthy diets. It also features in the diets of professional athletes, fitness models and bodybuilders. It’s full of the nutrients and goodness the human body needs. The avocado is also rich in good fats.

Protein rich foods

Anyone who is looking to gain weight, build muscles or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, would have come across the subject of protein rich foods. That is because protein is one of the major factors for muscle repair and growth. A diet consisting of protein rich foods, therefore, is the foundation of building a better healthier body.

What makes you gain weight? Weight gain DOs and DON’Ts

One of the most frequently asked questions by skinny guys is what makes you gain weight. The obvious answer is food, of course. Gaining weight, however, is a complex subject. It largely depends on the individual, their lifestyle, level of activity, metabolism etc. Gaining weight is as much about the food we eat as it is about how much and how often we consume it.

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