Christopher Maslon: Bodybuilding competitor interview

Christopher Maslon interview
Christopher Maslon: bodybuilding competitor interview for Skinny Muscles

Christopher Maslon is a 40 years old Professor of Liberal Arts at Daejeon Health and Sciences College in South Korea. Read how his dedication to working out transformed him from a skinny guy to a bodybuilding competition winner.

Would you introduce yourself, please?

My name is Christopher Maslon. I am 40 years old and I am a Professor of Liberal Arts at Daejeon Health and Sciences College, South Korea.

My current weight is 72kg [158lbs] and my height is 5’7“[171cm].

When did you start your body transformation?

I am a college professor who works overseas in South Korea. Eight years ago, in 2004, while going to school, I felt tired. Really tired. Our school has no elevators and many flights of stairs. My office was only on the second floor, but I dreaded even the very thought of just climbing stairs. This is how out of shape I was. Back then I was only 64kg [128lbs] and embarrassed by my “skin and bones” body. My arms at that time were barely 12in [30.5cm] around. I would never be seen with my shirt off.

Outside of my office one day, I heard our school rugby team practicing. I stopped working on my computer long enough and looked out the office window. I thought to myself: “Why are these boys who are half my age, twice as big and healthy?”

When I asked a friend about what I should do about my failing health, he suggested the very thing the rugby boys were doing – exercising. I found a small health club nearby and joined. I met a personal trainer named Sang. He wanted to speak better English, so I traded free English speaking time for free personal training. After 4 years of being at his club, my whole outlook on life changed. And so did my physique. I started to get bigger. Arms, legs, chest, and neck changed – my shirts got tighter.

Sang decided to stop his work at the health club but a friend introduced me to a pro bodybuilder who became a close friend and a special trainer. He introduced me to the world of bodybuilding concepts and took me from level A to level B. This friend is Kim Chong Won, who as of this year became MR. KOREA 2012. It is so amazing to read a Muscle Magazine and see your training partner in it.

Within just one year my fitness and physique had improved to the extent that I was able to enter the Mr. Daejeon competition – my first bodybuilding show. I was placed 4th. In the autumn [fall], I entered my second show and placed 1st out of 20 guys. Because of this place, I was asked to join the Nationals in 2013.

What keeps you motivated?

Going from stick to thick changes your life. It’s a dream to walk on any beach and have flocks of total strangers walk up to you asking: “Can we get a group picture with you flexing?”

Working out and looking my best is now my lifestyle. I live the bodybuilding lifestyle – from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. I look forward to every day. Gym is sanctuary. I have all the motivation right there. I got my health back and I got a whole new body and life in exchange.

How many days per week you workout and your normal weekly workout schedule?

I workout 6 days a week – from Monday to Saturday. I do 2 hours a day plus 30-45 mins cardio.

My workout schedule is something like this:

  1. Monday: Back and Triceps
  2. Tuesday: Chest and Biceps
  3. Wednesday: Legs and Abs
  4. Thursday: Shoulders
  5. Friday: Back and Triceps
  6. Saturday: Chest and Biceps
  7. Sunday: Rest

What is your favourite muscle group and your favourite exercise for it?

My favourite muscle group is the back. My favourite exercise for it is chins. 5 sets (no cheating) wide grip. When you are doing them, make sure you do them right. Use proper form, I see some really sloppy chins done at the gym.

What is your diet like?

My normal diet consists of:

  • Breakfast: Assorted fresh fruits, 1 slice of whole grain wheat toast with 1 teaspoon organic peanut butter/ or oatmeal.
  • Pre-work out: I like to get in some protein (like tuna), and some carbs (like half of a sweet potato) plus BBCA pre-work out shake.
  • Post-work: Protein shake. I really like the Optimum Nutrition brand.
  • Lunch: Steamed chicken breasts, with steamed veggies. Water.
  • Between lunch and dinner: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein.
  • Dinner: I like to have either chicken or lean grilled steaks with a sweet potato and steamed broccoli.

Advice: Keep the salt out of your diet. Salt is good in tiny amounts. But sodium loading is counter active to bodybuilding.

I can’t stress enough how important drinking water is.

My supplement lists are:

  • Gold Standard 100% Casein (Optimum Nutrition)
  • Universal Animal Flex
  • BSN N.O. Xplode 2.0
  • BSN Syntha-6
  • BCAA 1000 Caps (Optimum Nutrition)
  • USP Labs JACK3d Micro
  • Micronized Creatine Powder (Optimum Nutrition)
  • Glutamine 1000 Caps (Optimum Nutrition)
  • Creatine Monohydrate

In April of 2004, I drank my last Coca-Cola. I gave up soft drinks and don’t miss them.

What is your advice to anyone who wants to gain weight and build muscles?

Abs are made in the kitchen. Mine were. Eating is more important than exercise. You can workout all day and night, but if you are not eating right there is no gain. If you want to gain weight, add 500 calories extra a day to your diet. No junk food, clean calories like walnuts or almonds. Natural oils such as olive oil can be added to your chicken if trying to gain.

What are your ambitions?

For me, clock is ticking backwards. The future? More shows, more fitness spots and more modeling gigs. Recently, I was asked to do modelling work, when I took off my shirt during a meeting. That is how confident I feel now.

In the spring I will be entering the 2013 Korea Model Health and Fitness Show in Seoul.

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