Christmas gifts for fitness junkies

Christmas gifts for fitness junkies

Call me material but my favourite part of Christmas is opening my presents. The more boxes I have to open, the happier I get. It sounds a bit childish but it’s true. I would imagine that many of you feel that way. Here’s my Christmas gifts for fitness junkies list for this year.

Long gone are the days when people were happy with an orange and a pair of socks, but that’s enough about your grandparents 🙂 Today, it’s all about the latest gadgets, trends and anything else that you don’t really need but you really want.

I am not going to lie, the boxes are getting smaller each year but fortunately the presents are just as good, if not better, year on year. I don’t mind opening a Christmas card that has a voucher in it and in my case that’s probably the safest option for a present.

That’s enough about me; let’s get back to you and your gifts. This year’s list of Christmas gifts for fitness junkies (or those who are working up the courage to become ones) is based on gifts I received last year. They are not the actual gifts but they inspired me to write this article.

Drum roll please… and 2013’s Christmas gifts for fitness junkies are:

A book – The Strength Training Anatomy Workout

The Strength Training Anatomy Workout – book review

It may sound a bit lame but we all have received (and given) a book for Christmas. You don’t have to be a high brow intellectual to appreciate it. If you are a traditionalist and stuck for ideas, a good book is always a safe option.

Earlier this month I got myself The Strength Training Anatomy Workout by Frederic Delavier and I can’t recommend it enough (read my review here). It’s perfect for those who prefer to exercise at home and it’s an inexpensive gift option.

Order The Strength Training Anatomy Workout here.

Online personal training – Johnny Starr

Johnny Starr - fitness model from Melbourne, Australia

If you want something more, you can get them a subscription for an online personal training program. They are massively popular and many guys go for them as an alternative to a traditional personal trainer at the gym.

Most of the well known fitness models offer them and I can recommend Johnny Starr’s Summer Six Pack Program. Johnny is one of Skinny Muscles’ featured fitness models and he offers a 12-week program complete with workout instructions, diet advice and recipes, videos and even a shopping list.

Sign up to Johnny Starr’s Summer Six Pack Program here.

Athletic BootCamp

Daniel Hammaecher - Athletic BootCamp

If online training is not your thing, you can go for the real thing. This is in fact a Christmas gift that I would LOVE to receive this year. I have my eyes on the Athletic BootCamp offered by French fitness model, personal trainer and Men’s Physique competitor – Daniel Hammaecher. You get to live, train, cook and learn with Dan. He offers 5 or 3 full days in France but he does BootCamps in other countries too.

Like their Facebook and message them for details and booking.

Fitness hamper

Why don’t you make a hamper full of protein powders, shake bottles, workout gloves, skipping rope etc.? You can even include copies of the latest Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines but make sure they don’t have them already.

You can get sample sachets of either their favourite brand or a mix of brands. I know that they will be pleased with a hamper like that.

Get the items for your Fitness Hamper here.

Amazon gift card

If none of the above float your boat and you want to play it safe, then go for an Amazon Gift card. I get one of those every year and I love it. They can spend it on anything they like and you don’t have to worry about choosing the right gift.

Get an Amazon Gift Card here.

I hope you get at least one of these gifts under the Christmas tree this year. If you are not sure that you will, then go on and share this article on your Facebook wall. It’s not very subtle but it will get their attention. You can tag yourself in the Christmas gifts for fitness junkies picture on Skinny Muscles’ Facebook page too (just to make sure they get the message).

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