Supplements reviews and information on how to incorporate them in your diet to pack on lean muscle, get six pack abs and achieve your fitness goals.

Say NO to VAT on Sports Supplements

It’s been a year since the introduction of 20% VAT on Sports Supplements in the UK which means paying 20% more for our favourite protein powders. Bulk Powders and other leading sports supplement companies have set up a campaign against this tax and need your help to raise awareness of this issue.

Kinetica Sports – protein supplements review

Over the past few weeks Skinny Muscles’ HQ has been transformed into a protein tasting lab. Numerous brands have been sending me samples of their latest products to be reviewed on your favorite fitness blog (the latest one being Kinetica Sports). I have been trying and tasting a whole load of protein powders in order to select the ones worthy of a review.

Recovery XS by Myprotein – product review

The summer is almost here and everyone is putting extra hours in the gym. Working out, is though, only one of the steps towards achieving your new body. A proper diet, combined with enough rest and recovery between workout sessions are vital. That’s where Recovery XS by Myprotein comes into its own.

True Whey by Myprotein – product review

My facebook timeline is like the Who’s Who of protein manufacturers. There is barely a time when I check it without seeing a picture of someone’s favourite protein brand. That prompted me to review the whey protein I am most happy with – True Whey by Myprotein.

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