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The latest diets and downloadable meal plans which are quick and easy to prepare and designed to help you fuel your workouts and achieve your fitness goals. 

Bulking: Dirty or Clean?

Every naturally lean guy who’s ever stepped foot in a gym would have undergone a bulking phase at some point. But faced with the task to build as much muscle as humanly possible when gifted with a metabolism that burns calories like a furnace, which is the better option?

To diet or not to diet?

One of my biggest pet hates are all of the diet adverts on TV, radio, press, internet and everywhere else you go. They are impossible to ignore and this time of the year (after Christmas and the beginning of the New Year) brings out the worst in them.

Make your own weight gain diet

Being on any kind of diet is a challenge. There’s no question about it. A weight gain diet is no exception. Whether you eat little and often or stuff yourself for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in between, is a tough call. The only way to make it work and see results is to adapt it to your lifestyle and habits. In other words: you need to make your own weight gain diet.

What made me gain weight – my reason

Behind every action, there is a reason. Sometimes this reason is obvious and rather practical, others – the reason is part of a complex issue or (in some cases) a matter of health. Gaining weight is more often than not a rather complex issue. The real reason/s are often much more than just simply wanting to get bigger.

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