Aesthetics and body image: Would you change your physique?

Aesthetics and body image: Would you change your physique?
Aesthetics and body image: Would you change your physique?

Aesthetics and body image go hand in hand. Each influences the other, and together, they both influence the way we see our bodies. How we think our bodies look and how others see our bodies are two very different matters. Let’s compare the body parts men want to change to the ones women find most attractive.

Do you look in the mirror thinking you need to improve certain parts of your body? Do you compare your physique to that of fitness models and celebrities you see in magazines? Do you think others see your physique the same way as you do? We all do it. It’s influenced by the social and cultural stereotypes of beauty and sexual attractiveness known as aesthetics and body image.

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Aesthetics and body image: What men see?

A recent study by the Centre for Appearance Research reveals that more than 80% of men are concerned about their aesthetics and body image. So how do men see their bodies and which parts they want to change?

The majority of the men who took part in the study have issues with their weight and being too slim. A third of them are unhappy about their beer bellies whilst a fifth worry that “man boobs (mobs)” ruin their aesthetics.

Nearly a quarter of all participants in the study blame their appearance for not going to the gym.

The study also reveals that a third of the men think about their body image as often as five times a day and the majority (over 60%) want bigger arms and chest.

Aesthetics and body image: What women look for?

Women have their own view on the aesthetics and body image of the opposite sex. They find six pack abs, big biceps and chest to be among some of the most sexually attractive features of the male physique. A survey carried out by AskMen lists the Top 10 Male Body Parts Women Love. Let’s find out which muscle groups made it into the list.

No.5 Shoulders

It turns out that women do like a man with broad shoulders. They like both the look and the feel of well defined shoulder muscles. That’s another reason why you shouldn’t neglect your shoulder workout and pay attention to those shoulder presses. They will pay off, at least according to the women who took part in this survey.

No. 4 Pecs

Well defined pecs are as popular as ever with the ladies. They like to imagine what your pecs look like underneath your top. If you already have a perfect pair, don’t be afraid to show them off. Wear V-necks (not too deep cut though because it may attract the wrong type of attention) and unbutton your shirt (just enough to suggest what’s underneath it).

If you lack “pecs appeal”, start with some bench/dumbbell presses, incline/decline dumbbell flyes and push ups.

No. 3 Biceps

The list wouldn’t be complete without big bulging biceps on it. Yes guys, the ladies like to see well defined biceps ripping off your sleeves. It tells them that you take your aesthetics and body image seriously.

No. 2 Abs

A set of perfectly defined six pack abs is high up on the list of male body parts women find sexually attractive. They also refer to it as a washboard stomach but I doubt they’ll ever use it for that. Not all women are after rock hard abs, some of them just want a flat stomach.

Our Six pack abs home workout is a good starting point if you need to work on that area.

No. 1 Buff butt

Much to my surprise, “buff butts” are the most loved part of the male body. The “half-moon” shaped ones are a particular favourite among the ladies, according to the survey.

It looks like it’s time to ditch the baggy trousers in favour of fitted ones.

Download our “Aesthetics and body image PDF” and use it as a starting point. Use a red pencil to colour the areas/muscles you like to improve, then enter your current and target measures (body stats). Set yourself a timeline in which you want to achieve your goals and start working out. Keep that sheet and enter your measurements at the end of your set timeframe.

[quote_box_center]Now that you know what parts of your body are most likely to attract attention (and be judged) from the opposite sex, would you change your physique in order to make it more appealing?[/quote_box_center]

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  2. Interesting what we perceieve and what is reality…also interesting that a buff bum is number one…in my experience it is a muscle group often least targeted by men…THank for sharing another great article!

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