A workout routine

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A workout routine

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] workout routine should be based on realistic goals, good research, commitment and consistency. Be realistic in your expectations when setting up your goals. Make sure you have enough free time to dedicate to your routine. Once you pick a workout routine, stick to it.

[pull_quote_center]Finding a workout routine that best suits you, your lifestyle and your goals should be your number one priority.[/pull_quote_center]

The choice of exercise programmes is huge and you need to make an informed decision when choosing a workout routine. There are some basic (but important) things you need to consider before you pick your routine.

Here are my top tips for choosing a workout routine:


There is no point in considering an exercise plan if you haven’t set any goals. The reasoning behind choosing your goals is quite personal; mostly depending on your body shape and how you feel about your appearance.

I urge you to be realistic when setting up your fitness goals.


The more you understand about how workout routines work, the better prepared to choose the right one you will be. There are a lot of programmes available and going through all of them is not easy task.

You need to be focused on your goals and only consider routines that meet your needs.


Once you choose a workout programme that meets your goals and you are happy with, stick to it. That’s easier said than done, I know. The key is to pick up a programme to best suit your lifestyle.

Your programme should match your fitness level and the time you have available to dedicate to it.


Consistency is your ticket to success. If you choose a routine that runs for 90 days, for example, you need to do it for 90 days. You need to be patient and workout hard every time. Your body needs a certain amount of time to adapt and respond to the routine.

Try to resist the urge to weigh and measure yourself every day.


Make sure you set the goals you like to achieve and choose a workout routine that best targets them.

[quote_box_center]It is important to be consistent and commit to it for as long as it requires.[/quote_box_center]

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