5 reasons to workout at home

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5 reasons to workout at home

Workout at home or sign up to my local gym? That’s the question most people are asking when they are trying to workout what’s best for their body. The reality of it is that both the gym and working out at home have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are my 5 reasons to workout at home:


My personal reason to favour working out at home is the fees, contracts, memberships and whatever else Mr Gym has up their sleeve to make money from us. I understand that the gym needs to make money and have no problem with that but:

My problem is with all the bureaucracy and contracts associated with joining a gym. Their lust for profit comes a little too strong for my liking. I wish the signing up process was a bit more about me and what I want to get out of this membership than the balance on my credit card 🙁

Guess what? You don’t have that problem at the home gym. You don’t have to pay any fees and you can join (or cancel) at any time you like 🙂


Music is a great way to take your mind off your worries and help you focus on your workout. I know people who spend ages compiling their gym playlists. It helps you with your tempo and could be a fun way of giving it 100% trying to keep up with the rhythm of the music.

If you workout at home, you don’t have to put up with someone else’s music choice. You can play whatever music you like and as loud as you like (providing your neighbours are OK with it).


It can be a little annoying when you plan on going to the gym but forget your gym bag at home. You can’t just turn up in your work clothes and start working out. You have two choices: you either go home to pick your bag or you skip this time.

You don’t have this problem when you workout at home. You can exercise in any outfit you like and nobody is going to mind. You don’t even need a gym bag.


Even if you are going to quite a large gym, the likelihood of waiting to use some of the equipment is very high. There’s always somebody in front of you who takes ages to complete their session.

At your home gym, however, you don’t have to wait to use any of your equipment. You may not have the latest fitness machines in your living room gym, but what you have is yours to use.

Having your own equipment also means that you don’t have to worry about sharing germs and other people sweat stains. In fact you don’t have to share your equipment with anyone else, unless you choose to.


This is probably the biggest reason why people choose to workout at home. It could be that you are a little sensitive about your body shape and image or just not comfortable exercising among people, who you think, have better bodies than you.

The reality of it is, of course, that nobody goes to the gym to watch what other people do, let alone judge them on their body shape and looks. In fact, most people are so into their routines that they probably wouldn’t even notice you being there.

Exercising at home guarantees you the privacy you want. Nobody is going to look at you, let alone judge you.

We all have different reasons for exercising at home. They are personal to us and they may mean little or nothing to anyone else.

[quote_box_center]Whatever your reason is, the important thing is that you exercise and you look after your body.[/quote_box_center]

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