5 chest workouts by 5 fitness models

fitness model chest
5 chest workouts by 5 fitness models.

Those of you who take their training seriously, know that Monday is chest day at the gym. It’s like an unwritten law that everyone should workout their pecs at the beginning of the week. Why? That’s anyone’s guess but this article should give you some inspiration on what exercises to incorporate in your chest workouts.

“To me, life is like a bench press: if I don’t push the weight, it will fall on me.” – Lazar Angelov

My favourite body part to train is my chest and that’s why I begin the week with an upper body workout. Whatever your reason is, here are a few tips on how to get the best out of your chest workout:


  • Retract your shoulder blades in order to increase the load on your pecs.
  • Arch your lower back slightly to stimulate your pecs further.
  • Press through your elbows to minimise triceps involvement and increase the involvement of your pecs into the movement.


Chris Heskett

  1. Machine Fly Partials
  2. Bench Press Cluster
  3. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
  4. Incline Dumbbell Fly
  5. Decline Hammer Press

Amer Kamra

  1. 200 Wide Incline Pushups
  2. Dumbbell Flies
  3. Barbell Press (flat) X 4 sets
  4. Dumbbell Decline Press X 4 sets
  5. Cable Flies X 3 sets (high pulley)
  6. Cable Flies X 3 sets (low pulley)

Nassim Sahili

  1. Incline barbell press
  2. Flat dumbbell press
  3. Guillotine bench press
  4. Dips
  5. Incline flies

Ahmed Saleh

  1. Incline chest press super-set incline dumbbell flys
  2. Cable Flys
  3. Decline Press
  4. Dumbbell pullover

Tom Imanishi

  1. Dumbbell or Barbell Bench Press
  2. Dumbbell or Barbell Incline Bench Press
  3. Barbell Decline Bench Press
  4. Dumbbell Pullovers
  5. Cable Chest Flyes

How many sets and reps you perform depends on your goals and strength. If you struggle to complete all of the reps you have planned, try doing drop sets – reduce the weight so that you can complete your reps.

Apparently, Arnold Schwarzenegger used to train chest on Mondays, so that maybe a contributing factor to the Mondays chest craze.

If you are anything like me – you train your chest on Monday because you feel more energised and able to lift heavier weights. And – let’s face it – how much you bench press DOES matter 🙂

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