5 back workouts by 5 fitness models

Chris Heskett back muscles
5 back workouts by 5 fitness models. Photo: Chris Heskett

The 80s is my favourite decade and that’s when the notion of having dedicated days to train separate body parts lifted off. If your training schedule is “old school”, then you are more than likely to train your back on a Tuesday.

“RedBull doesn’t give you wings. Lat pulldowns do.”

Whatever day of the week (or weekend) you choose to train your back, here are a few tips on how to do it plus the back workout routines of some of our favourite fitness models.


  • Practice proper technique in order to maximise the engagement of back muscles during exercises. Lower the weights if you are struggling.
  • Don’t round or over arch your lower back so that you reduce the involvement of the surrounding muscles and prevent injury.
  • Retract your shoulder blades to increase the engagement of your lats during back exercises.


Tom Imanishi

  1. Bent over Barbell Rows
  2. Lat Pulldown or Weighted Chin ups
  3. Seated Machine Rows
  4. Close grip Cable Pull-down
  5. Close grip Cable Seated Rows
  6. Lower back Hyperextensions

Ahmed Saleh

  1. Lat pulldown or weighted chin-ups
  2. V-bar rows
  3. Wide grip Barbell rows
  4. Close grip Pulldown

Nassim Sahili

  1. Pull or chin up
  2. Supinated lat pulldown
  3. Bent over row
  4. One arm dumbbell row
  5. Straight arms pulldown

Amer Kamra

  1. 200 Pull-ups
  2. T-Bar Rows X 6 sets last 2 are drop sets
  3. Clean Pulls X 4 sets
  4. Deadlifts 135lbs – 3 sets X 40 reps
  5. Single Arm Dumbbell Rows X 4 sets
  6. Toe Press X 3 sets
  7. Standing Calf Raise X 100 reps each calf
  8. Calf Jump Stretch X 100 reps

Chris Heskett

  1. Kayak Rows
  2. Deadlift Clusters
  3. Pull ups
  4. T-Bar Rows
  5. Dumbbell Rows
  6. Lat Pull Down

I train my back as part of my upper body workout routine. When I train it, depends on the session with my personal trainer on Monday. He likes to mix things up and that’s why I can train my back on Wednesday one week and on Friday – the following week.

Whatever your training schedule, the important thing is to learn proper technique. Take your time to master the exercises with lighter weights first. When you are happy with your form and able to complete all reps, think about increasing the weights.

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