5 arms workouts for bigger biceps

There are many reasons why guys want bigger arms. For a start, they make you look strong and attract (the right) attention from the ladies. You can have the best six pack in the world but if you don’t have the arms to match, your body will look out of proportion and underdeveloped.

“Education is important but bigger biceps are importanter.”

Wanting bigger arms is not enough to get them. You need to train hard, eat clean and be consistent as you won’t get huge biceps after just one workout. Here are some tips and workouts by our favourite fitness models to help you get bigger arms in time for the summer:


  • In case you forget, the triceps is a bigger muscle than the biceps. Training your triceps will give you bigger arms quicker.
  • Don’t forget to include single arm exercises in your routine. That will make your arms look symmetrical, improve their function and reduce your risk of injury.
  • The chances are, you already train your arms indirectly as part of training your upper body. Give your arms a rest and allow them to recover before your next session.


Tom Imanishi

  1. Standing Barbell Bicep Curls
  2. Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls
  3. Alternating Dumbbell Cross Body Hammer Curls
  4. Cable Preacher Curls
  5. Skull-crushers
  6. V-bar Pushdowns
  7. Reverse Grip Single-arm Cable Pull-downs
  8. Bench Dips

Ahmed Saleh

  1. Olympic Barbell Bicep Curls
  2. Hammer Curls
  3. Arnold Concentration Curls
  4. Lying Ez Extensions or Skull Crushers
  5. Triceps Push Down or Rope Pull down
  6. Dips

Nassim Sahili

  1. Triceps Cable Extensions
  2. Lying Dumbbell Extensions
  3. California Press
  4. Kickbacks or Rope Extensions
  5. Barbell Curls
  6. Incline Dumbbell Curls
  7. Spider Curls
  8. Reverse Curls

Amer Kamra

  1. Barbell Bicep Curls – 5 sets
  2. Bent Over Barbell Curls – 2 sets
  3. 100 Chin Ups
  4. Hammer Curls – 3 sets
  5. Tricep Pushups – 200
  6. Cable Pushdown (over hand grip) – 3 sets
  7. Cable Pushdown (under hand grip) – 3 sets
  8. Tricep Kickbacks – 4 sets

Chris Heskett

  1. Cross Body Hammer Curls
  2. Dips
  3. Preacher Curls
  4. Rope Overhead Extensions
  5. Incline Curls
  6. Rope Pressdowns
5 arm workouts by 5 fitness models.

Adjust these workouts to suit your abilities. Train your arms to failure and with heavier weights. If you feel like you can squeeze a few more reps at the end of your sets, then your weights are probably too light.

Remember to squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement to make the most of every rep. Placing your thumb under the bar when you grip it, reduces the involvement of the forearm and makes your biceps and triceps work harder.

Don’t neglect your diet. It is an important factor in the growth of your arms (as well as other muscles). Complement your training sessions with good quality nutrients to maximise your gains.

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