Breakfast for abs

I hate to break it to you but doing crunches for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not going to give you the six pack abs you desire. Although exercise is important for firming and shaping the abdominal muscles, you need a good diet to reveal them. Start your day with …

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Fitness model interview: Jad Darwish

“If you put in the hard work, commitment and choose the right diet, you will see the results.” Jad Darwish is the living proof that regardless of age and size you can build a perfect body. Find out how the “skinny and short kid from school” became a fitness model.

The Strength Training Anatomy Workout – book review

Let me start this book review with a question: Do you own a fitness book? If yes, which one is it? [Please, leave a comment with its title in the comments section for others to see.] If you don’t own one, don’t worry. Hopefully my review of The Strength Training Anatomy Workout will persuade you to change that.

Top 10 vegan protein sources

If you are on a plant based diet and like to workout, this is the list for you – high protein foods which are low in fat and the best vegan protein sources.

Six lunch ideas for six pack abs – easy to prepare

If you are on a mission to get yourself into shape, lunch should be your third meal of the day – after breakfast and mid-morning snack. It should be light but with enough protein, carbs and micronutrients to keep you going. Here are six lunch ideas for six pack abs.

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