Winter skin care guide for men
Winter skin care guide for men. Photo: Montagne Jeunesse

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]racked lips, red nose and/or dry itchy patches are things that most of us suffer occasionally in the winter. Even if you have really good skin the rest of the year, it’s likely you are not immune from a few bad skin days. Find out why and how to look after your skin in our winter skin care guide for men.

[pull_quote_center]So what’s with the winter making us look like we’ve been dragged half way around the world, delivering Santa’s presents?[/pull_quote_center]

It’s to do with moisture. The wind, dry air and low humidity strip our skin from its natural moisture.

You need to make sure your skin is well looked after, especially in the winter. If you think grooming is for the ladies, answer this: What’s more embarrassing: turning up for a hot date with cracked to the point of bleeding lips or spending a few extra minutes, making sure your skin is winter-proof?

I know which one I’d pick and here’s what you need to do if your skin needs some TLC.


Obviously you need to cleanse your skin. Just bear in mind that your skin is super dry in the winter. Avoid harsh soaps and detergents though. Go for soap-free cleansers that are more gentle and don’t dry your skin too much.

When buying a cleanser, make sure it’s alcohol-free as well. Also, if you are anything like me and you wash your hands 50 times a day (I think that’s probably an OCD), you need to really cut it down. Reducing the heat of the water also helps.


Exfoliating the skin a couple of times a week is always a good idea. It gets rid of those dead cells sitting on top of your epidermis. They block your pores and that adds to the problem.

Go for products containing smaller granules. They are more gentle on the skin and you can use them more often if need be. When exfoliating, try not to rip your skin off – be a bit gentler and leave the product to do the job.


That’s where most men fail, myself included. You can get away with it the rest of the year, but in the winter you need to moisturise. Choose a moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin type and one that traps moisture in your skin.

Even though it is winter, make sure your moisturiser protects you against the sun. You need that SPF factor and UVA protection all year round.

I suggest you also reapply the hand cream as often as you wash your hands. Get a fast-absorbing non-greasy hand cream and take it with you.


Your diet is not just to keep your muscles grow. A clean and balanced diet provides your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly and keep danger away.

For a healthy skin in the winter, make sure you consume enough vitamin A, C, D and E. Think fruit, vegetables and dairy products.

Essential fatty acids (Omega-3) can also be good for your skin. Make sure your diet includes an element of oily fish – salmon, mackerel and tuna from time to time.

[quote_box_center]Don’t forget that the skin is our largest organ covering the whole body. You need to make sure you look after it especially in the winter when it’s more vulnerable.[/quote_box_center]