Things to remember when on holiday or vacation
Things to remember when on holiday or vacation

Skinny Muscles is still on holiday and this article is very much influenced by that. For the purposes of this article I assume that you are old enough to go on holiday or vacation on your own. Well, not completely on your own, perhaps on a “lads holiday” or a holiday with your family or friends.

I am sure that your parents (your mother most likely) sat you down and went through lots of things that you should and should not do on your holiday. So forgive me for sounding like them, but this stuff is important and you need to pay attention (for your own safety and well being while abroad).

When I was your age (many summers ago), I only went on a couple of holidays with my friends. Then I grew up rather quickly and that was that. Our holidays were really boring and rather dull compared to the stuff the cast of Gordie Shore get up to. Of course I watch it and love it. Who doesn’t?

Gaz & Co do it for your viewing pleasure and have a whole crew behind them to make sure they are OK. I assume your only crew is your friends and that’s why you need to familiarise yourself with my list of Things To Remember When On Holiday or Vacation:

10. Sun protection

It’s very obvious but very important too. I know that up to very recently, I never used to bother with any of it. I used to go “old school” and burn to death, then my skin would crack and start to peel off. Not nice and quite painful too (the actual sunburn).

Get yourself (if your mother hasn’t done it for you already) one of those spay on sun lotions. They are really easy to apply and you get a nice tan rather than a sunburn.

9. Sex protection

We might as well get that one out of the way too. I assume that you are quite looking forward to (and determined) to “get laid”. Nothing wrong with it – just remember to protect yourself. Even though you can get rid of most STDs with a course of antibiotics, there is a risk of HIV too.

Get yourself (in case your mother forgot to do it for you) a box of condoms. Don’t just keep them in the box, use them! Always cary a condom with you and don’t be embarrassed to use it.

8. Keep an eye on your drinks

As sad as it sounds, there are people (even when you go abroad on holiday) who spike other people’s drinks. You should always have your drink in your sight. If for whatever reason you leave it unattended, then get another drink. It really isn’t worth the risk.

7. Keep an eye on your valuables

We all get a bit relaxed when on holiday, especially after a couple of drinks, and become easy targets for thieves and pickpockets. Holiday resorts are often the favourite places for opportunistic thieves who won’t hesitate to grab your wallet, passport etc. if they think there’s something in it for them.

Leave your passport, tickets, insurance and other valuables in a safe in your hotel. You can make photocopies and carry them in your wallet with you, if you have to. You shouldn’t carry any valuables if you know that you are going on a night out that may get “messy”.

6. Clean after yourself

Make an effort to keep your hotel room tidy and clean up after yourself, especially after a messy night out. Enough said.

5. Keep well hydrated

The combination of alcohol and hot weather can leave you very dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Always carry a bottle of water with you, especially during the day and on the beach or by the swimming pool.

4. Don’t walk bare foot

What’s with all the bare foot walking on nights out? The streets are filthy and full of broken glass and other nasties. Just make sure you keep your shoes on. Leave the flip flops for the beach. OK?

3. Don’t leave your common sense at home

Just because you are getting on a plane going abroad, doesn’t mean that you should leave your common sense at the check in desk. If anything, you should be even more aware of things that could go wrong. When you are abroad, you are quite vulnerable and exposed to all manner of dangers.

Remember that wherever in the world you decide to go, there are laws that you are expected to obey. As a general rule, you shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home.

2. Stay away from experimenting with “substances”

It doesn’t matter where you are, the chances are – drugs would be illegal. Even in Amsterdam it is against the law to smoke marijuana on the streets. You can only do it in a coffee shop. Despite what your friends may tell you, Thailand has a very strict law against drugs and they don’t hesitate to lock tourists up if they break that law. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

1. No tattoos

That’s the one I simply cannot understand. What’s with the silly tattoos and scribbles that people get inked on their bodies? Please feel free to leave a comment if you have one of those “commemorative” tattoos. I am genuinely fascinated as to why you did it.

I am also pretty sure that this is something your mother’s told you to avoid at all cost. Be a good boy (or girl) and listen to her just this once. You will be thankful you listened to her.

That’s my lesson over. You can go and pack now. Make sure your passport’s not expired, you have your tickets, travel insurance (I do hope you have one) and bookings ready to go. Take you driving license if you are planing on hiring a scooter or a quad bike (obviously you should wear a crash helmet when on it).

[quote_box_center]Stay safe and enjoy yourself. Make it the best holiday/vacation to date. If you stick to at least a couple of the things on my list, I will be proud of you 🙂 [/quote_box_center]