Take a break from the gym: 5 reasons you need some time off

Take a break from the gym: 5 reasons you need some time off
Take a break from the gym: 5 reasons you need some time off

Do you feel you need a holiday (vacation)? Do you struggle to find time to socialise? Are you tired? Do you find it difficult to notice any progress in your fitness regime? Do you feel like you want to give the workout a miss today? If you answer “yes” to any (or all) of these questions, then you need to take a break from the gym.

Most of the articles on Skinny Muscles are about working out, dieting and motivating you to achieve your goals. The sole purpose of this blog is to give you that extra push in the direction of building your dream body. That’s what fitness blogs do, right? Yes but fitness blogs also have a duty to tell you when it’s time to step back and take a break from the gym. Here’s why:

5 reasons to take a break from the gym

There are many tell-tell signs that you need to take a break from the gym and need to enjoy a change in routine. You could be working out too much, not seeing any results and putting your health at risk. Here are Skinny Muscles’ Top 5 reasons to take a break from the gym:

5. You are going on a holiday (vacation)

For months you’ve worked your socks off to get your body in shape. You’ve done more push ups than you had hot dinners. You’ve even done (most) leg days. Working out stopped being fun some time ago.

If that’s you, then you definitely deserve a holiday. Holidays are intended to give you a change of activity and time to recharge your mental and physical batteries. Remember that a holiday is about relaxing and having fun; it’s not about counting calories and sweating it out in the gym to the extent that when it happens you are unable to enjoy it.

4. You don’t have time to socialise

Do you feel like you spend most of your spare time at the gym? Do you turn down friends (and family) invites because they clash with your routine and eat into your rest and recovery time? Do you avoid certain foods, drinks and activities just because they are not good for your diet?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to take a break from the gym. You may be developing a slight obsession with being healthy and that’s never a good thing.

Socialising and spending time with family and friends is part of your healthy lifestyle. You shouldn’t skip it, just like you wouldn’t skip a leg day.

3. You are tired

There’s a big difference between the temporary tiredness which comes from a planned and good exercise workout, and being constantly tired and not having any energy. The latter condition is never a good thing. It could point to a lot of things and you should take time to think about your regime and current lifestyle.

If you work (or study) full time and have a pretty hectic workout schedule too then you need to take an occasional break. Exercising too much can have a negative impact on your body and mind and you might be putting your health at risk.

You can read about the dangers of exercising too much if you need convincing.

2. You don’t notice any progress

If you work out regularly and you eat clean but you don’t notice any progress than it’s time to take a break. It’s likely that your body is used to the exercises and it doesn’t find them challenging. Take some time off and find a workout program that’s more challenging.

You need to constantly challenge and confuse your muscles in order to make them grow.

1. You don’t feel like working out

It’s much better to take some time off than to go to the gym “just because you have to”. Nobody is forcing you to work out. If you feel that way, then your workout plan is not doing it for you. You certainly won’t give it your best or get that buzz you used to experience, or see the results you are aiming for.

This is the time to take a break and take time to evaluate your priorities. Adjust your workout program if it’s too demanding; this is a positive (and the right) thing to do.

If you feel like you need to take a break from the gym, then you should. It’s much better to have some time off and recharge your batteries than working out against your will and abilities.


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