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5 arms workouts for bigger biceps

Do you want super defined and perfectly shaped arms like a fitness model? Do these 5 arm workouts and watch your biceps grow..
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    Pasta with tuna recipe – high protein

    Easy to prepare high protein pasta with tuna recipe - delicious and perfect as a post-workout meal or just a healthy meal for one. Get 30g of protein in 15 mins. Eat fresh or pack in your a lunchbox.

    How I gained 5kgs in a month to achieve my target weight

    The only reason I started to exercise was to gain weight as I wanted to be 85kgs. I gained that weight a couple of times in the past but was never able to maintain it. This time I gained 5kgs in a month to achieve my target weight and I still maintain it. Here's my "secret":

    What made me gain weight – my reason

    Behind every action, there is a reason. Sometimes this reason is obvious and rather practical, others - the reason is part of a complex issue or (in some cases) a matter of health. Gaining weight is more often than not a rather complex issue. The real reason/s are often much more than just simply wanting to get bigger.

    What has motivated you the most to start working out and/or dieting?

    I've been skinny my whole life, every year I try to work out, etc, but end up lacking motivation to continue. People think I don't eat but they don't know that I eat like a pig everyday (at least 2000 calories, which is a lot for me at least).

    Eat clean – the healthy way to a better body

    Eating the right foods at the right times is the key to a successful body transformation. It helps you achieve and maintain your goals in the long run. It keeps you healthy and feeling better about yourself too. Let’s find out how to eat clean.

    How to choose a diet and stick to it until you see results

    Dieting is normally associated with weight loss. Those who are on a diet because they are too skinny and want to gain weight often go unnoticed. Let’s start with the basics and learn how to find a diet and stick to it.

    What makes you gain weight? Weight gain DOs and DON’Ts

    One of the most frequently asked questions by skinny guys is what makes you gain weight. The obvious answer is food, of course. Gaining weight, however, is a complex subject. It largely depends on the individual, their lifestyle, level of activity, metabolism etc. Gaining weight is as much about the food we eat as it is about how much and how often we consume it.

    Gain Weight – diet basics for skinny guys

    Eating the right foods at right intervals and following an appropriate diet, are the key factors to gain weight. Working out alone is not going to do the trick. You need to exercise your muscles to encourage them to grow, but you also need to provide them with the right nutrition and diet.

    Nutrition advice for skinny guys

    The most important factor in muscle building is nutrition. Your nutrition should be based on carbohydrates and protein. Why? Carbohydrates are a perfect source of energy for your body and your body uses protein to repair and grow your muscles. You can’t expect your muscles to grow just because you work out. Your muscles need their fuel. And they need that fuel regularly.

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