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chest workout, Daniel Hammaecher, upper mid lower pecs

Chest workout that targets the upper, mid and lower pecs

Chest workout that targets all parts of your pecs by Daniel Hammaecher. Photo: Steeve Josh. When it comes to working out at the gym, chest is my...
male and female fitness models posing in London

How to prepare for a physique competition and/or photoshoot like a fitness model

You think your body is in its best shape ever but do you have what it takes to show it off at a competition or in front of the camera? Big biceps and a...
Christmas gifts for fitness junkies

Christmas gifts for fitness junkies

Call me material but my favourite part of Christmas is opening my presents. The more boxes I have to open, the happier I get. It sounds a bit childish but it’s true. I would imagine that many of you feel that way. Here’s my Christmas gifts for fitness junkies list for this year.
Daniel Hammaecher competing

Fitness model interview: Daniel Hammaecher

Daniel Hammaecher is the second French fitness model to be featured on Skinny Muscles. He is an international Men’s Physique competitor who knows how to wow the audience and the judges. Dan is also the proud owner of Athletic Boot Camp – a concept that gives you the chance to live, eat and train with him.