Rory Emslie on six pack abs

Rory Emslie fitness model
Rory Emslie fitness model
Rory Emslie on six pack abs
Rory Emslie on six pack abs

Rory Emslie is a fitness model who swapped Edinburgh for sunny Las Vegas. His six pack abs are his pride and joy and he spends 30 minutes a day training them. In this exclusive interview for Skinny Muscles, Rory shares his tips and advice on diet, exercise and cardio. He also talks about the different parts of your abdomen and how to train them.

Would you introduce yourself, please?

Hi! My name is Rory Emslie – one of ASD Performance sponsored ambassadors. I am 21, and currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada [USA]. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, I moved out here to Vegas in 2010 on a soccer scholarship to play at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

After three years playing, I am now finishing off my degree in Hospitality Management and currently looking to break into the fitness industry. With recent fitness modeling jobs working at conventions such as the Mr. Olympia Expo, I hope to get into some of the big magazines next year.

This month we focus on six pack abs. Would you tell us about your abs routine?

Well what about 8 or 10 pack abs?! It’s not just about the traditional 6 haha, joking. But yeah, I feel abs are the most important aspect in being a fitness model. You need to have big chest and be shredded, but without abs you simply have no appeal to the fitness audience.

I personally change up my abs routine every week. I have always been obsessed with abs from a young age and remember constantly staying up late as a boy to knock out 100 sit ups before bed every night and to be honest – I’ve not really changed.

I spend around 30 minutes on my abs every day, rarely taking a day off. Then, once a week, I will spend a whole session on my abs. The entire workout is around an hour and I usually do this on my rest day, or fit it in a day where I will work out twice. My workouts contain a wide variety of exercises, from weighted to normal sit ups.

I think that to really know how to hit abs correctly you must first understand them. Different exercises hit difference parts of your abs. For example upper abs are worked with crunches, lower abs with leg raises and your obliques are hit with Russian twists. I change up my exercises from doing super sets to heavy weighted sit ups. I think that with all workouts, variety is key.

Diet and Nutrition affect the abs. What’s your nutrition and supplements like?

Well obviously, diet and nutrition affect us differently. As I was always a tall skinny kid with a high metabolism I never tend to put fat on easily. Growing up as an athlete, I have always stayed away from fast food and fatty foods and that is still the case today. Eating ‘clean’ in this business is vital to maintaining abs and looking your best.

As I am looking to gain lean weight I have to watch what I eat carefully: a lot of chicken, vegetables and brown carbs are the main portions of my diet. I do eat red meat such as steak but cut out all unnecessary fat from my diet. I minimize dairy products in my diet and find other foods such as nuts and salads to fulfill my macros.

As I am now an ASD Performance ambassador I take SHRED-X fat burner, which after 4 weeks, has already had an amazing effect on my physique. I am now more shredded than ever and thinking about competing next year. I also take BCAAS, and STIRKE – a nitric oxide pre workout by ASD Performance, WHEY, SHRED-X and Glutamine. All provided by ASD Performance, which I feel have really kick started further progress in my development.

When it comes to abs, cardio is an important factor. How often do you do cardio and what does it involve?

Well, obviously cardio is important and is vital in keeping and showing your abs. To be honest though, I don’t really do it. If I have an event, or a photo shoot I will do HIT (high intensity cardio) for a couple of sessions in the week leading up to it but apart from that I don’t do it. 15 minutes on the Stairmaster and a few sprints, not much.

As I’ve played football all my life and am naturally skinny with high metabolism, there’s not much in the way of cardio I have to do to stay lean and shredded. I minimize the amount of cardio I need to do by keeping a strict and clean diet that I have been on for years. I eat high carbs in the morning and after a workout (when my metabolism is at its highest) and no junk food, candy, soda etc.

I make all my own food, hardly ever eat out and enjoy eating and living healthy. When I am trying to put on weight, I still eat clean, but just increase the portions or add meal or two on extra each day.

What’s your advice to anyone who is just starting out and finds it difficult to get their abs to show?

It would have to be: get ready for the long haul. Getting ripped abs is not easy and definitely does not come quickly. It takes diet, hard work in the gym and cardio. The results though, are definitely the most rewarding part of it.

Also there is no point doing some ab exercises here and there to make you feel good. When doing abs, you should smash them until you are struggling to breathe each and every time. You are only going to get out what you put in.

Think about abs in three parts as I mentioned earlier: upper, lower and then your obliques. Hit each of them hard and with the right amount of cardio, a good diet and persistence you will see results.

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