Reversible Jacket by Porsche Design Sport and Adidas
Reversible Jacket by Porsche Design Sport and Adidas

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat do you get when one of the world’s leading luxury brands collaborates with one of the world’s leading sports brands? In the case of Porsche Design Sport and Adidas, you get a Reversible Jacket which is described as “an industry standout for Spring/Summer 2014”.

The concept of reversible items of clothing is not a new one. What’s new about this Reversible Jacket is “the newly developed and highly functioning material” it’s made from. Its main purpose is to aid you perform at your best regardless of the temperature outside.

The jacket has a black and a white side and each of them has a specific function. When it’s cold, you wear the black side out. It keeps you warm by trapping the heat which it takes from absorbing the sun’s UV light.

If it’s hot, you reverse the jacket and wear the white side out. The material on this side reflects the UV light and keeps you cool.

The traditionalists among us will be pleased to know that this jacket is also breathable, water and windproof.

[quote_box_center]The bad news is that the Reversible Jacket is not going to be available at your local sports shop. It’s limited to 500 pieces for men and 300 for women worldwide – [/quote_box_center]