Range Rover - the world’s most refined and capable luxury SUV. Photo: landrover.com
Range Rover – the world’s most refined and capable luxury SUV. Photo: landrover.com

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost of the people I know, fall in two categories: those who own a Range Rover and those who wish they did. There’s no other vehicle that symbolises success, power and influence like the Range Rover does. It’s no surprise that most of us want one.

[pull_quote_center]There aren’t many vehicles that look as good on the streets of Chelsea as they do on the dunes in the Arabian deserts.[/pull_quote_center]

Thanks to its British design and engineering, Range Rover is definitely one of those vehicles. The fourth generation of the iconic Range Rover line is no exception in following the innovative spirit of its predecessors.

Introducing the new model, John Edwards – Land Rover Global Brand Director, says:

“The new Range Rover preserves the essential, unique character of the vehicle – that special blend of luxury, performance and unmatched all-terrain capability.

“However, its clean sheet design and revolutionary lightweight construction have enabled us to transform the experience for luxury vehicle customers, with a step change in comfort, refinement and handling.”


The first thing you notice is, indeed, its clean and elegant shape that derives from a fresh new interpretation of the classic Range Rover design. Its new styling is destined to appeal to a whole new generation of customers.

The signature clamshell bonnet with its distinctive castellations, the floating roof and the graphic of the side fender vents capture that essential Range Rover spirit.

Advanced lighting systems provide another eye-catching feature. The front lamps continue the bold evolution of the face of Range Rover, with highly distinctive signature graphics using LED light blade technology which feature the trademark interlocking circles.

Designers have executed the main projector beam units with technical graphics that resemble a high performance camera lens.

At the rear, the lamps develop the stacked treatment of the current model with a striking new design that is confidently executed using LED technology. The main tail and stop lamps have a bold square pattern, while the direction indicators use a new interpretation of the ‘triple line’ graphic used on the current model.


The vehicle’s interior retains the brand’s characteristic strong, architectural forms. These forms are emphasised by extremely clean and elegant surfaces which are flawlessly executed using the finest leathers and veneers.

Building on the signature Range Rover interior architecture, the centrepiece of the cabin is the bold intersection between the strong horizontal elements of the instrument panel and the vertical lines of the centre stack.

The elegant, contemporary lines of the instrument panel and console reflect the effort to refine and simplify the interior. For example, the control layout features 50% fewer switches, to deliver a more user friendly driving environment and ensure the driver remains calm and in control.

The all-new Range Rover's interior retains the brand’s characteristic strong, architectural forms. Photo: landrover.com
The all-new Range Rover’s interior retains the brand’s characteristic strong, architectural forms. Photo: landrover.com


The new Range Rover is the world’s first SUV to feature an advanced all-aluminium body structure, delivering significantly reduced weight, improved performance and enhanced sustainability.

Not only the lightest in its class by a significant margin, the aluminium structure is also incredibly strong too. The body has been engineered to withstand the same punishing off-road impacts as all Land Rovers have been.


From the very first model introduced over 40 years ago, unmatched all-terrain capability and performance has been a fundamental element of the Range Rover DNA.

Now, with the launch of the fourth generation vehicle in 2012, those Land Rover genes are just as strong. Indeed, with the adoption of the latest body and chassis technologies, the performance of the Range Rover has moved on to another level, both in its on-road handling and refinement, and the breadth and accessibility of its off-road capability.

[quote_box_center]The Range Rover’s unmatched breadth of capability and iconic style have made it a favourite choice for countless celebrity owners, from princes to politicians, from rock gods to rock climbers, and from footballers to fashion models – rangerover.landrover.com.[/quote_box_center]