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What if… New Year’s Resolutions came true?

If all the research suggesting that most of those who make a New Year’s Resolution begin to loose interest in it after the first week of the New Year is right, then you are probably slipping back into your old ways.

It’s not surprising that most of us fail to commit to something that’s a constant reminder of bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle and anything else that’s best left in the past.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” – T. S. Eliot

A New Year’s Resolution can be a great motivational tool to those committed to make a change in the New Year. The rest of us, however, tend to put that change on hold for at least another year.

Let’s mix things up and assume that you worked really hard and all of your resolutions from 2014 came true. What would you do this year?

Well, for a start you are in the best shape of your life – your weight is spot on, you have the perfect body with chiselled abs on display, you have the perfect job, your bank account is very healthy, you are not stressed out and you are very happy indeed.

In addition to that, you are the new posterboy for all things healthy.

You are living the dream and enjoying the fruits of your hard labour. But life doesn’t stop there. The “new you” is at crossroads: does he take a year off to appreciate his achievements or does he raise the bar even higher, taking his achievements to the next level?

Regardless of which road the “new you” decides to take, he faces the same resolutions but in a slightly different context.

In other words, New Year’s Resolutions will always be part of your life. Whether you write them down or not, they are the foundations of your goals and the measures of your success.

The important thing is to have a purpose in life and work hard to get there. Everything else will fall into place.