New Year resolutions skinny guys should stick to - build muscles
New Year resolutions skinny guys should stick to – build muscles

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are well into February and I challenge you to name at least 3 of your New Year resolutions. Mine is to visit a Scandinavian country this year. It’s probably to do with my love of snow and the lack of it in England. Now that we had our bit of snow, however, I feel like my visit to Scandinavia is half done.

There is a reason for telling you all this. It’s to do with motivation and sticking to a goal. For most of us New Year resolutions tend to be something we think about the festive season, start on the 1st of January and have forgotten by the end of the month.

[pull_quote_center]New Year resolutions are often inspired by ambitions for a healthier lifestyle.[/pull_quote_center]

A healthy diet and regular exercise routine are good for you. Stick to them for long enough and you will see the benefits.

Here are my Top 3 New Year resolutions you should stick to:

New Year resolutions 1: Gain weight

It is an obvious one, but Skinny Muscles’ priority is to inspire you to gain weight. Be realistic when you set your targets and expectations. Be patient.

It takes at least 3 months (which is only 12 weeks) for your body to adapt and respond to the changes in your eating plan.

New Year resolutions 2: Build muscles

This is another expected entry in Skinny Muscles’ New Year’s resolutions list. In order to build muscles, you need to combine regular exercise with the correct diet.

For muscle definition, you need to lift lighter weights but do more repetitions. Having well defined muscles creates the illusion of bigger size. You need to make sure you leave plenty of time between workout sessions for your muscles to recover. Your diet should be rich in protein and you should drink plenty of water.

It will take your body some time to adapt to your new exercise regime and to show a visible change in your body shape.

New Year resolutions 3: Look good

Male grooming is still overlooked and dismissed by many guys (skinny or not). Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and it needs your help to stay in perfect condition.

You need to keep your skin clean, exfoliated and moisturised. Make sure it is moisturised in the winter and protected from the sun in the summer. It takes only 3 minutes to clean, exfoliate and moisturise. Do it twice a day, every day for at least 3 months.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to commit and implement the above into your daily routine. Studies recommend a period of 3 months for your body to adapt to any changes. Be patient and if you do the work, you will have the perfect weight, body and skin.

[quote_box_center]Did you remember any of your New Year resolutions? What were they?[/quote_box_center]