Love it or hate it, January is the month when everyone is making lists of things they want to achieve, change and improve in the New Year. It’s a tradition that sees gym memberships go through the roof in the first month of the year. Here at Skinny Muscles’ HQ we like traditions and this is our New Year Resolution list for 2013.

New Year Resolution: Let’s make 2013 bigger and better for Skinny Muscles

New Year Resolution 2013:

This time last year we published a list of New Year’s Resolutions that skinny guys should stick to. Following on that tradition, the blog’s resolution also consists of only three points:

Content and free downloads

Content is king. It doesn’t matter how well (or bad) it is presented, its main purpose is to educate and inform the reader. It’s very disappointing when you type in a query in the search engine and you find yourself scrolling through pages and pages of quite unhelpful websites.

We have devised an editorial calendar and intend to introduce downloadable tools to guide your selection of interest articles and help you achieve the goals you are after.

Guest posts by industry experts

It is important to publish articles that are easy to read and contain advice from experts in their fields.

If you have a qualification in fitness (personal trainer, dietitian or other) and like to become a guest author, please contact us with your proposal.

Interaction with readers

The feedback (both good and bad) by readers of the blog is invaluable to us. It helps us shape the content and tailor it to suit your needs.

Please feel free to leave comments on the posts you read and become part of our social media networks. Skinny Muscles is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Three points on a New Year Resolution may seem underwhelming but it’s enough to keep us busy for the whole year.

Did you make a New Year Resolution? Feel free to share your resolutions for 2013.