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The latest articles with fitness and nutrition advice designed to help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated as you progress through your workout and meal plans.

Stocking fillers: gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Stocking fillers: gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Choosing presents for Christmas could be as hard as going to the shops buying them. Thanks to internet shopping, that’s no longer the case. I have assembled a list of Christmas presents for fitness fanatics suitable for stocking fillers. All you have to do is click on the links to order them.
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Fitness apps – how to choose the right ones

Fitness apps on your mobile can be a great motivational tool. Find the application which reflects your personal objectives, set it up properly, use it and you are making the technology work for you. You do the hard work, the app logs it. Seeing the changes in the numbers as you progress gives you an instant boost.
joining a gym, working out at home

Joining a gym vs. working out at home – pros and cons

Should you join a gym or work out at home? We give you the benefits of joining the gym vs. working out at home, complete with a list of the pros and cons.
Rob Evans boxing gym

Fitness tips on speed, stamina, strength and nutrition from boxing champion Rob Evans

What do you get when one of the most iconic fashion inspiration magazines takes one of the fittest models back to the gym where...
guy with muscles in gym

Gym etiquette for beginners

So you are a gym member. Congratulations! All you need to do now is turn up, work out, watch what you eat and in...
Personal trainer training a client

How to choose a personal trainer

A good personal trainer should be a well qualified expert in their field who delivers the results their clients want. Good personal trainers are also extremely busy and you need to take this into account when making your choice. If you are not sure how to choose a personal trainer, this article will help you.
A man holding his love handles

How to lower your body fat

Even if you are a skinny guy (or a girl), you need to think about your body fat. There are two types of fat your body carries: visceral and subcutaneous. The first type is the one that wraps around your internal organs. The second type is the fat layer beneath your skin. This is the fat we all notice and worry about. Here are a few basics on how to lower your body fat.
muscle growth, gym progress, gym mistakes

5 mistakes that slow your muscle growth and gym progress

A list of the most common training and nutrition mistakes that affect your gym progress and result in slow muscle growth.
Fitness progress downloadable sheets

Fitness progress: track your way to a perfect body

Motivation to carry on working out and eating right could be difficult if you can’t see any progress. Learn how to track your way to a perfect body and download the tools you need to measure your fitness progress.
Aesthetics and body image: Would you change your physique?

Aesthetics and body image: Would you change your physique?

Aesthetics and body image go hand in hand. Each influences the other, and together, they both influence the way we see our bodies. How we think our bodies look and how others see our bodies are two very different matters. Let’s compare the body parts men want to change to the ones women find most attractive.

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