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Things to remember when on holiday or vacation

Things to remember when on holiday or vacation

Skinny Muscles is still on holiday and this article is very much influenced by that. For the purposes of this article I assume that you are old enough to go on holiday or vacation on your own. Well, not completely on your own, perhaps on a “lads holiday” or a holiday with your family or friends.

Explore Amsterdam on foot… in a day

Amsterdam is one of my all-time favourite cities. It oozes charm, style, elegance and culture. I love the architecture and could walk for miles admiring the old leaning buildings by the side of the...
iceland blue lagoon

My travel bucket list for 2015

It is a bit of a cliché (and not a very original way to start an article) BUT “Life is for living”. I never feel more alive and inspired to live than when I...





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Vertu - the world’s best mobile phone. Photo:

Vertu – the world’s best mobile phone

Vertu is a brand associated with luxury and craftsmanship. It combines the best of materials, innovative technology and exclusive services to deliver the world’s best mobile phone. Each of their handsets is handmade in England and assembled by a single craftsman.
leica m10

Leica M10